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6 Useful Raspberry Pi Projects Anyone Can Build


The Raspberry Pi microcomputer is a truly revolutionary device. Despite its tiny size, it can be used as a desktop computer with two monitors connected. It provides an affordable, simple and fun solution for everyone to realize their own ideas. Today we present you a selection of simple and not very assemblies on the Raspbery Pi, which will not only help you take your free time, but will also be useful in everyday life.

Hardware blocker for ads and trackers

Advertising helps many, including us, to earn a living. However, trying to make an ad blocker that works not only on one device, but on all at once, on a Wi-Fi network is a great way to learn the Raspberry Pi.

Such a “hardware" ad blocker is called Pi-hole. In addition to advertising, such an installation will be able to block tracking trackers. In other words, Pi-hole acts as a DNS server, intercepting all requests, allowing you to block the ones you don’t need.

VPN for the whole house

A virtual private network (VPN) is a good way to stay safe and private on the Internet. In this article, we have already talked about how to create your own VPN server and connect all devices to it.

However, you can also implement it with WireGuard, a free and open source VPN client. And with Pi-hole, you can automatically pass your home network traffic through the VPN, eliminating the need to connect to it every time.

Motion sensor that records video when triggered

A fun build from the official RaspberryPi website, intended more for kids, called Parent Sensor. The idea is that when the sensor detects motion, the Raspberry Pi starts recording video.

This project has other uses as well. For example, such a sensor can be configured to spy on your front door as a security measure.

6 Useful Raspberry Pi Projects Anyone Can Build

smart speaker

You can build your own Amazon Echo. Who doesn’t want a smart speaker that plays music when you say it? You don’t need to be an engineer or programmer to build this project. All components can be ordered online, and the program is pretty much already written for you.

If you don’t like products from Amazon, then you can build Google Assistant. Create an account in Google Console Actions, follow the simple instructions, and get ready to say “Ok Google” to your new homemade AI assistant .

Ethical Hacker Lab

You can learn and practice the most popular hacking framework by installing Kali Linux on your Raspberry Pi. You will get a powerful and portable hacking station to use your skills anywhere. But keep in mind that some features of this OS are illegal and you can only test them on your own devices or networks.

FM radio station

Streaming services have almost completely outlived radio, but if you want to listen to or stream your favorite music over good old radio, you can create your own radio station with a Raspberry Pi and an FM transmitter. Add to this a transmitting antenna, and your broadcast will be distributed up to 50 meters away.

Start assembling

Once you start trying different builds on your Raspberry Pi, it’s hard to stop. These projects are very simple, accessible, fun and can be very useful. And if you learn a little programming language, such as Python and the basics of electronics, then there will be no limit to your possibilities.

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