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Account upgrade: how to run a marathon on Instagram?


What is an Instagram marathon?

Today, marathons are mainly used to promote your Instagram account. However, many page owners sometimes do not even know what it really is. And those who have even the slightest idea about them consider this work, albeit laborious, but not worth the money paid for it. In fact, everything turns out to be quite different. A marathon is the most convenient way to share useful information on Instagram, most importantly in a concise and most accessible form for users. With a marathon, you can perfectly attract the attention of other users, use it to tell about your activities in a form that is interesting for users. In this case, marathons can take place in two forms:

  • Publication of author’s articles on the topic;
  • Introduction of the challenge for participants.

In fact, it turns out that the marathon on Instagram is nothing more than a kind of activity that allows you to attract new subscribers and potential customers to your account. Therefore, such an event can be the most effective way to advertise a product or service and increase your customer base. At the same time, the main feature of the marathon is that by giving out some of the information for free, the account owner wins over the audience. Accordingly, they have a desire to get acquainted with the rest of the information, for which they will already have to pay a certain amount of money. In addition to the fact that the marathon gives the organizers broad opportunities, they also give the participants the opportunity to make new acquaintances. Participants can prove themselves and receive prizes for it.

Account upgrade: how to run a marathon on Instagram?

 Learn more about marathons on Instagram in this video.

What should the organizer of the marathon on Instagram know?

If it was decided to hold a marathon on Instagram, then its organizer needs to carefully learn some of the features of such a procedure. In fact, marathons are a special kind of interactive, so they should be as well thought out as possible and contain some mandatory components. Among them are the following:

  • Interesting tasks;
  • Leveling skills;
  • Final reward.

First of all, when compiling a marathon, it is important to study Instagram trends well, as well as find out the interests of a potential audience. The marathon will be successful with the audience only if it is interesting and important to them. In addition, when compiling a marathon, it is important to take into account the demand of the participants. The fact is that most people are not interested in the main prize, but rather in those skills and possible real development that a marathon can give them. For this reason, for a marathon to be in demand, it must be rewarding and interactive. As for the results of the marathon, in any case there should be a final prize. Participants will always be pleased to receive not only the knowledge necessary for their further self-improvement, but also, in addition to everything, to acquire a real reward.

Account upgrade: how to run a marathon on Instagram?

How to run a marathon on Instagram: ways to attract an audience

In order to run a marathon on Instagram, it is not necessary to have a huge number of followers. It’s not that important here. Much more seriously in the matter of preparation is to approach its organization. Before holding a marathon, you need to carefully consider its rules, take responsibility for preparing content and choose the most interesting tasks for participants. A really good marathon should have a unique tag as well thought out as possible, under which participants will subsequently report on completed tasks. It is also worth noting that often marathons are held not by one, but by several organizers at once. Thus, it is much easier to make the event richer in terms of rewards and information provided. Accordingly, the marathon will be more attractive to potential participants.

  • word of mouth;
  • Advertising and PR.

In the case of launching word of mouth, all that is needed is to ask subscribers to write about the event. To do this, the announcement of the marathon is first published, which will give the audience a complete picture of the marathon. You can also find accounts on Instagram with a suitable theme and ask their owners to post. Further, it is already possible to conduct agreements on advertising and cooperation. You can also resort to guest posting when there will be mutual publication in different blogs.

Account upgrade: how to run a marathon on Instagram?

What are marathons on Instagram?

As for the types of marathons, there can be many of them. At the same time, if there are no ideas, it is quite possible to look through the cases of other people’s accounts and, based on this, come up with something original. You can also go to foreign bloggers for ideas. For example, in the Food-photo marathon, which is very popular, there are usually very difficult tasks. But in the so-called marathon for losing weight, everything is much simpler. Here the basis of the marathon is to publish tasks for the participants. As a rule, these are physical exercises for weight loss and an approximate menu. All participants publish reports on the work done on the wall. As a result of the competition, users receive not only a prize in the form of a present, but also smart forms. Handmade marathons and education are also considered popular. In the second case, a huge number of coaches pump their popularity in this way. In any case, when choosing a theme for a marathon, it is important to take into account the interests of the audience. This is the only way to get really high results, even if the number of subscribers on the page barely reached two thousand people.

Account upgrade: how to run a marathon on Instagram?