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All about how to make a bouffant for long hair


Bouffant can be attributed to the number of the most popular, stylish and at the same time simple hairstyles. This type of styling is suitable for all types of hair: thin and thick, smooth and curly, short and long. Let’s talk more about bouffant for long hair, because. they are the hardest to work with. But if you follow the basic rules, the result will amaze you.

What types of bouffant are there?

Every year new variations of bouffants appear, but three options remain unchanged and basic:

  • Bouffant at the roots (if you want to make your hairstyle higher);
  • Bouffant ends (your hair will look more fluffy);
  • Bouffant along the entire length of the hair (to achieve maximum volume).

Much when creating hairstyles depends on your imagination. You can comb your hair at the crown (classic), at the temples or comb in individual strands. If you wear bangs, you can experiment with it: comb, straighten, curl – it all depends on your mood and image.

Hairstyle should emphasize your dignity, so treat her choice with due responsibility. If you are the owner of a narrow face, a high bouffant that opens your forehead is not your option. But this hairstyle is suitable for girls with a round face shape. The latter are contraindicated for bouffant at the temples – this will only make the face visually wider.

Bouffant for long hair: basic rules

Of course, bouffant can be done in the salon by a professional, but it’s expensive. Let’s talk about how to make a bouffant for long hair at home. First, decide what hairstyle you want, what kind of bouffant suits you. Check if you have everything you need for work: shampoos and conditioners, combs with different lengths and frequencies of teeth, hairsprays and mousses for styling and fixing, accessories for decoration.

Let’s consider this process step by step.

  • Before you begin to create a hairstyle, wash your hair, rinse with balm and dry thoroughly with a hair dryer. You can comb only dry hair!
  • Apply styling mousse to your hair so that the curls are obedient and keep their shape for a long time, because under their own weight the bouffant can “fall off" after a short time.
  • If you are combing individual strands, first wind them on curlers. If you have bangs, decide how you style them.
  • Comb the strands at the top of your head first, then at the temples, and lastly, comb the strands over your forehead.
  • Remember: the strands should be between 1.5 and 2.5 cm thick. If you separate the strands thinner or thicker, the bouffant will not last long.
  • The main rule: do the bouffant from the tips to the roots, not vice versa, so as not to disturb the hair structure!
  • When all the strands you need are combed, the most creative stage begins. You can leave the strands loose, you can put them in a bun or a loose braid, lay them randomly on your head – it all depends on you. In any case, at the end you need to spray your hair with varnish.

You can learn a lot of valuable tips and extraordinary ideas by watching a video on how to make a bouffant for long hair. Perhaps you will come up with something new on your own.

Bouffant: pros and cons

Undoubtedly, bouffant is convenient. Wherever you are called, you will create a stylish hairstyle in a fairly short time. With bouffants (and especially on long hair) you can experiment endlessly! Every time you will look unique and at a party, and on a walk, and at a performance in the theater.

But bouffant is a real test for hair. Hair breaks and tangles, splits, does not breathe under a thick layer of varnish, suffers from its own gravity. Trichologists (specialists who treat hair) and hairdressers are unanimous in their opinion: combing should not be done too often.

How to restore long hair after combing?

We learned how to make a bouffant for long hair. How to "pamper" your curls after a heavy load?

In no case do not comb such a hairstyle, it is detrimental to the hair! First, wash your hair, and then slowly begin to detangle the strands and comb them.

Apply a regenerating nourishing mask to your hair or use specialized oils. Competent restoration is the key to the beauty of hair. Long hair needs care more than others, do not forget about it.

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