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Apple banned the use of a pear in the logo


The software giant says Prepear’s recipe app logo could confuse its own.

Apple has taken a stand against Prepear because it claims that the fruity Prepear app logo — in this case a pear — is too close to Apple’s own brand logo, which is, of course, an apple.

The Prepear app allows users to store and organize recipes and create their own meal plans.

The logo is shaped like a pear with a leaf in the upper right corner. Apple’s notice of objection describes this as follows:

The applicant’s trademark is a minimalistic fruit with a leaf leaning to the right, referring to the famous Apple logo and creating similar commercial associations. Court records say. The Apple logo is so famous and instantly recognizable that the similarities to the applicant’s trademark overshadow any differences and lead the average consumer to believe that the applicant is affiliated with or endorsed by Apple." – said in Apple

Prepear co-founder Russell Monson created a petition "Save the Pear from Apple!". At the time of this writing, more than 17,000 people have already signed it. The petition says the company is a small business with five employees that can’t afford a protracted legal battle with a company the size of Apple.

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