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Are there alternatives to classic GPS navigators?


The problem of navigation in a big city worries many of its inhabitants. And the demand for such services is growing. Drivers want to equip their cars with multifunctional GPS Navigators. Pedestrians, on the other hand, want miniature devices that can easily fit in a pocket or backpack.

What can be offered? Conservatives, of course, will say that only classic navigators should be trusted. They work more accurately and are much cheaper. However, at the moment there are many alternatives to the classic navigator. Many, as you know, portable devices are equipped with a GPS module.

Mobile phones, PDAs and smartphones are perfect for those who like walking around the metropolis. I myself love hiking and my mobile phone is equipped with a GPS Navigator. Its signal is not strong, my position is attributed to the road, it shows within a radius of 500 meters. What is not very convenient is to look for houses in the nooks and yards. Luckily, PDAs and smartphones are a notch above regular phones. And, of course, they cost more. The location radius, depending on the model, ranges from 100-300 meters. And that’s not bad for a pedestrian. Is not it?

For motorists there are other toys. It’s great to combine several devices into one. For example, tablet computers, which have recently become so popular, combine many functions. Let’s start with the fact that you can put any program that you need in navigation on it. In addition, they are already equipped with standard navigation programs, but they are not so good. You can install voice control, which will greatly facilitate the driver’s life on the road. The large screen will display all the information about the road and the weather. The tablet can also serve as your audio system. And all this is placed in some kind of miniature box. You just have to spend money on a stand. Location determines within a radius of 50 meters. Top models of tablets from 10 meters.

Now classic GPS-navigators have serious competition. And competition breeds progress. And navigators are trying in every possible way to stay on the market, adding more and more new features. But I think that they will still leave the market and give way to portable devices.

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