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Capsule or carob: how to choose a coffee maker for home


product of the world

This drink is drunk in all corners of the world: in an office in the center of New York, and in a Parisian or Russian apartment, and in Argentina. Coffee is not strictly a national drink, it is truly a product of the world. Thanks to him, we wake up easier in the morning, and communication with relatives and friends over a cup of this aromatic drink becomes more pleasant.

In order for the coffee beans to give all their best properties to the water and fill the coffee cup with a divine aroma, you need to have real skill. True connoisseurs of this drink brew coffee only in cezve. However, not everyone has enough time, skill and ability to prepare coffee in this way. Therefore, coffee lovers buy electric coffee makers.

You need to know the basic principles on how to choose a coffee maker for your home, so as not to be disappointed and not run to the store on the second day to change the device. First of all, going to the store for a machine that creates a fragrant invigorating drink from coffee beans, you need to determine what tasks you set for the device. Do you need a coffee maker that will prepare dozens of cups of coffee a day, or are you purchasing a device for a family of two. It is also worth paying attention to your taste preferences: whether you like a bitter or weaker drink, whether you prefer espresso, or you can’t live a day without a cappuccino.

Types of coffee makers for home

To begin with, let’s pay attention to the fact that there are several types of home coffee machines. In general, home coffee makers are divided into geyser, drip, carob and capsule. Naturally, each type of such devices has its own advantages and disadvantages. True connoisseurs of coffee, when choosing vessels and devices for preparing a drink, give preference to carob pump coffee makers. But fans of modern technology are increasingly paying attention to capsule devices.

Drip coffee makers

Drip coffee makers are widely used in many homes and apartments for making coffee. The reason for the popularity of these devices is their low price. As you can understand from the name of such coffee makers, the process of preparing a drink from coffee beans is based on ordinary drops of water, which, after heating, slowly fall onto ground coffee. The owners of such coffee makers have to wait a long time for coffee to be ready.

Geyser coffee maker

In various articles on how to choose a coffee maker for your home, the reviews note the good taste of a coffee drink prepared in a geyser coffee maker. They say that the taste of coffee brewed in these devices resembles a drink prepared in a Turk. A feature of the operation of geyser coffee makers is that water passes through the coffee several times.

Carob coffee makers

Rozhkovy coffee makers, in turn, are divided into steam and pump-action. With the help of such electrical appliances, you can quickly prepare espresso and cappuccino coffee. Carob coffee makers were so named because the vessels into which coffee is poured are shaped like horns. In steam devices, coffee water is heated to one hundred degrees, after which it turns into steam passing through specially ground coffee beans. In pump coffee makers, water heats up to 95 degrees. This temperature is not able to affect the taste of coffee.

Drink from a capsule coffee maker

Separately, it is worth mentioning capsule coffee makers, which, being devices of a fairly new type, are now becoming more widespread. Data

Capsule or carob: how to choose a coffee maker for homedevices are perfect for preparing drinks from coffee beans, not only at home, but also in the office. Capsule coffee makers are easy to use, they do not leave any waste except, perhaps, used capsules. To prepare a cup of coffee in such a machine, it is enough to load a coffee capsule into the device and pour water. Sealed coffee capsules are pierced in several places during the brewing process, after which air and water begin to enter the puncture sites.

If you decide to purchase a similar type of coffee maker and are already thinking about how to choose a capsule coffee maker for your home, it will be useful for you to learn about all the pros and cons of this device. The undoubted advantage of such devices is the ease of preparation. You absolutely do not have to worry about how to properly grind grains for a drink. However, you should be prepared for the fact that the choice of coffee, which is packaged in capsules, is still somewhat limited. In addition, many true coffee connoisseurs believe that a quality drink can be obtained from freshly ground beans, and in the case of capsule coffee devices, there is no need to talk about fresh grinding.

What to look for when choosing a coffee maker

When buying electrical devices for making coffee, experts advise paying attention to a number of factors.

  • It is worth remembering that the strength of the coffee drink directly depends on the power of the coffee maker. The lower the power of the device, the stronger the coffee will be in the end. The cooking speed also depends on this indicator. As the power of the coffee maker decreases, the time required to prepare the drink increases. With a low power of the device, the water has time to absorb more of the beneficial properties of coffee beans.
  • If you are purchasing a drip coffee maker, then you will also need to buy filters. Disposable filters are not very profitable to take. In their reviews, consumers also do not recommend taking gold filters, which are distinguished from nylon filters only by a higher price. The best option in this case will be nylon filters, which, at a very affordable cost, last quite a long time.
  • When choosing carob coffee makers, it is imperative to pay attention to pressure. The more pressure, the healthier the drink. Some carob coffee makers are equipped with cappuccinators. Horns in these types of coffee makers are metal and plastic. Experts recommend purchasing devices with metal horns, which warm up coffee more and contribute to greater saturation of drinks.
  • When buying a coffee maker, you should pay attention to additional functions. Often coffee makers are equipped with the “Drop-Stop" function, the essence of which is that the process of preparing a drink stops automatically if you remove the vessel where the finished coffee falls.
  • Some carob coffee makers have built-in coffee grinders, which is very convenient.
  • Additional functions of coffee machines such as a timer and a water level indicator will also be useful. Your own preferences and financial capabilities will help answer the question of how to choose a coffee maker for your home, while the videos, which are now a lot on the net, will help you understand the rules for operating coffee machines.

Coffee will bring you maximum benefit and pleasure if you do not forget about the culture of accepting this drink. In the 19th century, coffee was not drunk in Russia, but ate, which allows us to say that it was hardly possible then to take this aromatic drink in a hurry. For coffee, you need to choose the right and beautiful dishes that will allow you to better feel the aroma of coffee beans.

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