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Characteristics and varieties of climate weapons


From the very beginning of the development of human civilization, it was common for people to fight with each other. The long-standing dream of the military was to conquer the weather phenomena, many of which have tremendous destructive power and put them at their service. Indeed, if you create a powerful climatic weapon in the form of hurricanes, deadly tsunamis or earthquakes, then you can not be afraid of any enemy.

Characteristics and varieties of climate weapons

In the imagination of many people, the elemental lords are found only in fairy tales, myths and legends. How realistic is it to curb the weather and fight with it?

The idea of ​​​​creation and the first experiences in weather control

For many centuries of their history, people were powerless in the face of the weather. And, although scientists have discovered many patterns in the formation of climate, they still have not learned how to model it.

One of the first to put forward the idea of ​​manipulating the climate was the Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla. He suggested that if you learn how to influence the upper layers of the atmosphere – the ionosphere, then you can control the weather.

Tesla managed to achieve many successes in this area of ​​science: to build an apparatus that creates artificial lightning, to illuminate the night sky over the ocean for thousands of kilometers, and many other "miracles".

By the way, after the fall of the famous Tunguska meteorite in 1908, whose mystery has not yet been solved, a version was put forward that this was the result of one of the experiments of Nikola Tesla.

US military leaders became interested in the discoveries of Nikola Tesla – this is eloquently evidenced by the fact that all the manuscripts of the scientist disappeared without a trace after his death. It is assumed that it was on the basis of his ideas that a new installation for influencing the climate, the Harp (auroral resonant phased antenna), was developed.

The first experiments on climate control were undertaken at the beginning of the 20th century in many countries of the world. Engaged in the development of climate weapons in the USSR. At that time, the SURA station was built at the training ground near Nizhny Novgorod.

Watch a video about the incredible US climate weapon.

It was used for the following tasks:

  • astronomical research;
  • study of the magnetosphere and mesosphere;
  • sounding of the ionosphere and upper layers of the atmosphere, measurements of their characteristics.

Today, SURA cannot be considered as Russia’s climate weapon – the complex is used for peaceful purposes – to study coronal solar emissions that interfere with the operation of communications and other equipment.

The Americans were simultaneously working on their climate weapons. A large-scale HAARP station was built in Alaska to observe and study the ionosphere. It is a complex of antennas located on a huge area. During its existence, HAARP has been overgrown with rumors – it is credited with the ability to shoot down space satellites and influence the minds of people.

Characteristics and varieties of climate weapons

Classification of climate weapons

Climatic (geophysical) is a weapon that can harm the enemy by influencing the environment (atmosphere, lithosphere, ozone layer, hydrosphere and near-Earth space).

The use of climate weapons – fact or fiction?

It has been noted that the number of hurricanes, floods and tornadoes has increased in natural disasters that have occurred in recent decades. At the same time, there are fewer earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. All this suggests that the climate can be controlled from outside. Who is this mysterious ruler: a man or an alien mind?

Did you know that during the Vietnam War, the US military made an attempt to influence the outcome of the conflict using artificially caused rainfall? They carried out an operation to spray silver iodide and dry ice from aircraft over the territory of the Vietnamese guerrillas. As a result, there were heavy rains that washed out the roads and strategic targets of the enemy. The disadvantages of this operation include its high cost and short-term effect.

In order to be able to influence the climate on a global scale, humanity will need huge resources and knowledge of the mechanisms of occurrence of weather phenomena.

In 1974, at the initiative of the USSR, the UN General Assembly adopted a convention according to which the use of climate weapons on the planet is prohibited. The United States joined in. Does this mean that this type of weapon is finished forever, or is secret work still underway to develop it? In any case, the creation of a working, effective method of influencing the climate is still far away.