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Comparison of two laser printers of the same line: Brother HL-2240R and Brother HL-2250DNR


The design of the Brother HL-2250DNR and Brother HL-2240R models is quite simple: rounded side edges on a medium-sized black box. The HL-2240R differs in appearance from its colleague only in the color of the output tray, which is gray in it, while the Brother HL-2250DNR is black.

In the left corner of the control panel there is a narrow button and 4 LEDs that indicate the status of the device.

The document feeder is hidden in front of the printer behind a hinged cover and is a box that holds 250 pages.

Both devices use a toner cartridge :

TN-2235 black toner cartridge, claimed 1200 page yield;

TN-2275 High Yield Black Toner Cartridge with 2600 pages yield.

As for the interfaces, everything is simple: the younger model has only a USB port, and the older one, in addition to this port, also has an Ethernet connector (for connecting the device to a local network).


This is where the main differences between the HL-2250DNR and HL-2240R begin.

When selecting a print mode:

  • "Text", 300 dpi – HL-2240R will print 24 sheets in 2 minutes 44 seconds, HL-2250DNR – 26 sheets in 1 minute 2 seconds;
  • "Text", 1200 dpi – 24 pages in 2 minutes. 54 sec. (younger model); 26 pages in 59 sec. – older;
  • "Graphics", 300 dpi – 24 pages in 2 minutes. 31 sec. for the HL-2240R and 26 pages per minute for the HL-2250DNR.

As you have noticed, the first printer is "quiet", while the second shows excellent results.

Both printers show almost the same print quality. You can see a good picture up to the text of the sixth size at the highest possible resolution and in the "Graphics" mode. No defects found. But at standard resolution, print defects from 14 pins and below are noticeable. When printing graphics in standard mode, the pictures are darker than when printing in high resolution.

Brother has produced good printers in its price category: the quality of the graphics, of course, will not cause you particularly good emotions, but the text of these devices is more tolerable.

Of course, the Brother HL-2240R will bribe you with its low price, but the Brother HL-2250DNR, although it costs more than twice as much, is more stable than the younger model. And the print speed is higher and there is an Ethernet port, so necessary for work in the office.

Like many printers, these models also have disadvantages, which, of course, are offset by a relatively low price and a large toner capacity, which is enough for a large number of printed pages. Both printers can be recommended to those users for whom only text printing is a priority and nothing else.

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