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Computer keyboard does not work – causes and solutions


An idle computer keyboard or seizing individual buttons can bring you to white heat if you need to urgently do some work, type text, etc. Why the keyboard buttons do not work, or the keys on the right, or the entire device, even if it is wireless – all about the causes of problems and how to fix them.

If the keyboard does not work at all

The reasons may be:

  • breakage of the keyboard itself;
  • one or more buttons are pressed, and this interferes with the normal functioning of the others. You need to check everything carefully;
  • the drivers necessary for your keyboard to work on your computer in the system installed on it have been erased. This may have happened after a system reset. Just download the drivers again and install them.

In any case, there is no need to panic and get angry, but just check every little thing. There must be a reason.

Computer keyboard does not work - causes and solutions

If the damage is partial

Why the keyboard on the right does not work is a question that often worries many users. In principle, you can do without it in most cases. But if you are used to using it, and she suddenly refused – what to look for the reason?

Everything is very simple, most likely, these keys are simply blocked. To unlock them, the Num Lock key is provided. It is located in the upper left corner of the small keyboard on the right. Click it and everything will work. A simple restart of the computer also helps.

But why do not the keyboard buttons work, one, or several in a row? Most likely, they just broke on their own. Replacing individual elements is more troublesome and problematic than buying a new keyboard.

Why the wireless keyboard does not work – and how to deal with it

The phenomenon is more than frequent. What to do?

  1. Check the batteries and replace them if necessary.
  2. Check the connection channels – if you also have a wireless mouse in addition to the wireless keyboard, you need to set them to different ones.
  3. Check if the secure connection service for the wireless add-on to the computer is enabled. It is possible that the keyboard, according to the settings, will only work in a certain port, you need to try everything.

If everything has been checked, but nothing has helped, then the keyboard itself has failed, it must be sent in for repair or a new one purchased.

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