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Control-online: how to check the speed of the Internet on a computer


The first thing a person looks at when choosing an Internet tariff for himself is the cost and speed. The speed indicated in the booklet is the maximum limit of the possibilities of the tariff you have chosen, in fact it is almost always lower than the figures indicated by the providers. How to check the Internet speed on a computer online and determine the difference between what we have and what we paid for?

Determine the speed of the Internet – method 1

Useful for those who often check the speed of their Internet connection. We download a special program to the computer and click on the button for as long as necessary – information about the treasured Mbt will always be at hand. Such utilities not only check the speed, but also perform many other useful functions: they scan the PC, optimize its operation, remove unwanted files at the request of the user.

Method 2: free server

And how to check the speed of the Internet on a computer online for free without any downloads? In this case, we will use a free service to determine the connection speed. Consider online programs that are most popular.


Perhaps the most visited resource for measuring Internet speed. Please note that sometimes this service offers to check the operation of your PC before measuring the speed, on the right there is a “Start" link. If you inattentively click on this link, an automatic download of the optimizer utility will start. This is a harmless program, whether you need it – decide for yourself.

To check the speed, click the inscription "Begin Test" (start checking) and after a while we get data about the speed of the Internet on your computer.

Another convenient service 2ip.ru/speed/

This program will measure the connection speed, determine the provider company and set an average score for all indicators. If you wish, you can post the results on the social network in the form of a nice picture – a trifle, but nice.

If the data from these servers is in English, decrypt it:

  • Download Speed ​​- incoming speed.
  • Upload – outgoing speed.
  • Ping is the delay time between your request and the server’s response.

Ping is measured in milliseconds, and when checking the speed online from the site, this figure is very approximate. If you want to know the actual degree of thoughtfulness of your Internet, this can be done according to the following scheme:

  1. Press the key combination Win + 3.
  2. In the input field, write cmd Enter and click "OK". A command line will appear with a blinking cursor, write the ping command, space, site name. Please note that you need to write exactly the name of the site, for example yandex.ru, and not copy its URL from the address bar. Press Enter and admire the results.

Good to know

The speed of the Internet depends not only on a dedicated connection line, but also on your own computer: the capabilities of the processor and the amount of RAM can greatly reduce the numbers indicated by the provider. Before checking, pause existing downloads, close unnecessary windows in the browser, turn off all running applications.

Sometimes the results are given in kilobits. To convert them to a more familiar Mbps, simply divide the result by 1000. For example, the resulting download speed is 715 Kbt/s. We divide by 1000 and get 0.7 Mb / s.

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