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Correctly filling out the profile on Instagram


For many, Instagram has become not just a social network, but something big and meaningful. That is why people are ready to devote a huge amount of time to make their personal page interesting and beautiful for other users. People who have recently registered on this social network are trying to figure out how to fill out an Instagram profile.

Secrets of designing a beautiful profile for Instagram

Users who are trying to figure out how to fill out an Instagram profile beautifully should know a few basic rules when compiling their profile:

Nick. When composing a name, follow these guidelines:

  • use only latin letters;
  • the name should not exceed 30 characters;
  • punctuation marks are not recommended;
  • discard spaces, instead of them it is better to use a period.

If you are creating a page for yourself and do not plan to sell anything, then the nickname should be only yours. You can write a pseudonym or various abbreviated versions of the name and surname. The full name and surname can be written if they are simple. As for the pages for sale, it is better to write a nickname, linking it to your activity.

Quality photos. In order for your page to be popular among other users, one of the important conditions is good photos. Pictures should be of high quality, and most importantly, not blurry. It is advisable to publish photos taken with a professional camera.

Watch the video on the correct design of the Instagram profile.

Photo styling. Pages on which all photos are decorated in the same style and theme look very impressive. Simply put, if the user positions himself as a traveler. All photographs must be from travel. It is also desirable to use the same filters during processing. In this case, visually the page will look not just beautiful, but interesting. Thanks to the Instagram Stories feature, you can shoot short videos about the most important life events and share them with your followers.

Simple examples of an Instagram profile about yourself

Experienced users recommend that beginners who are working on page design should write:

  • who you are. Write your first name, last name, or you can use a pseudonym. If you created a page to sell a product, then in the title you must indicate the name of the product that you are selling;
  • where are you from. It is desirable to indicate the name of the city and country;
  • Where do you work and what is your position. If you wish, you can write about your hobby, your interests;
  • if you are selling a product, be sure to include your phone number in your profile so that the person knows how to contact you. It also does not hurt if you leave a link to your page in other social networks.

A mandatory element of Instagram profiles is the presence of photos. Don’t be afraid to experiment with shots and compositions. And if you have a pet, then try to invent and upload pictures with interesting angles and moments as much as possible. The photos that you will post on Instagram should, to a certain extent, motivate your subscribers to take some action. Try to subscribe only to beautiful profiles, review their pictures, get inspired and don’t be afraid to learn beauty from others. When you install Instagram for Windows on a computer, you get an excellent opportunity to work with all the features of the application that you are used to seeing on a mobile phone.

In your posts, tag the people you’ve spent time with. For example, instead of the usual “Nastya and I visited the theater today," it’s better to write “Me and @Nasta12 visited the theater.” Enter hashtags, by the way, this is necessary not in order to bring as many subscribers to yourself as possible, but in order to diversify and decorate the text. 

Account texting

When a user visits an Instagram page, the first thing that catches their eye is the photos. But, a very important point is the text design of these photos. There are several rules that should be followed when compiling texts:

  • literacy. Before publishing a post, you need to re-read the text several times. Since no one is immune from a sudden typo. And it will be unpleasant for others to read illiterate texts;
  • texts should not be too large. No need to write too long texts, try to get rid of unnecessary and unnecessary information. Let the text be written briefly, but the whole point will be laid out in it. Also, work on dividing your post into multiple subheadings and paragraphs. In this form, it will be much more pleasant for subscribers to read the post;
  • in writing the text you should be as sincere as possible. This is one of the important points. So, while writing the text, write what you want to tell from the heart, and not what others expect from you. If a person is subscribed specifically to you, then it means that he is interested in your thoughts, reasoning, worldview.

Correctly filling out the profile on Instagram

When writing the text, you can use a few tips to help decorate the post:

  • humor elements. But, when using notes of humor, you need to be very careful, it must be organic and appropriate;
  • informative. When compiling posts, work on making them useful to your readers. Alternatively, you can do surveys among subscribers, in which they will indicate the questions they are most interested in, and only then, you will already start creating an informative post.

When compiling texts, try to show exactly your character in them. Move away from the usual patterns, write the way you are used to communicating with loved ones. And thanks to the live broadcast on Instagram from a computer, you can chat with your subscribers in real time and discuss current topics.