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Creating an image on the Internet


Any company striving for success aims to create an image on the Internet – of course, a positive one, since business reputation is one of the effective mechanisms of social control, which has become a fundamental factor in decision making.

The reputation of a company, as practice shows, is formed by chance, but managing its metamorphoses is easier with control and profiling. A company that builds its reputation in stages will be able to hold out longer on the market.

The Importance of the Internet Image

People are already accustomed to the fact that an attractive company image is created with the help of Internet technologies, but the same tools can crush an empire that has been built over years in one day. From this it becomes clear that the task of managing reputation on the Internet is as important as choosing a niche for activity or developing a business plan.

It is not easy to create a positive image of your own company, firm, or simply a user offering any services from scratch, but it is still possible on your own. But if your reputation is already tarnished by something, you will need the help of specialists who can replace all negative posts and reviews with positive publications, and will carry out a number of works in this direction. So do not hesitate, because positive corporate reputation management helps to create and maintain an attractive image of the business object.


With the help of self-presentation via the Internet, you can take the first successful step towards reputation management. Here the meaning of what is said about the company in the media is lost, how much positive feedback it has ordered about itself on external resources. The user can get to the site, having heard enough on the side of various rumors and wanting to check them, or simply accidentally stumble upon a group on a social network. In any case, you need to make a beautiful picture for it:

  • Presentation profiles should look decent, because wherever an account is registered, all information from it can, and even will be, used by ill-wishers. Therefore, at this stage, the main task aimed at creating an image on the Internet will be an impeccable look in all respects. You need to provide up-to-date and complete information about yourself, but focus on your strengths. As necessary, the posted data should be updated.
  • From all laid out materials impeccable literacy is required. Unfortunately, after graduating from school, many yesterday’s students completely forget about grammar, believing that no one will reproach this on the Internet, and they begin to write in a language far from Russian. But this number will not work not only when selling elite goods, but even the simplest tights – no one will believe in the professionalism of such a company. Therefore, before publishing, you need to meticulously check all resumes, posts and reports so that the image does not suffer.
  • You need to present information in an interesting way, because “dry" data and numbers will be boring and scare away the user. You need to pick up useful but interesting information, spice it up with photos from expositions and important events, post video reviews. Here, however, you also need to feel the measure with low-grade jokes, trolling or rude turns.
  • Write about the company should be capacious, bright and meaningful, revealing it from the best side, but still delicately so as not to spoil the favorable impression on the reader.

Video about creating an image on the Internet

Politeness and delicacy in dealing with customers

  • Before you reply to a comment or post a new post, you need to think carefully. After all, the controversy of the post can lead to the surrender of positions in the market and a drop in profits. The publication should include internal censorship, seeking to prevent a wave of negative reviews and reactions from competitors. You should not respond in hot pursuit to "caustic comments", as too hot a response can negatively affect the creation of an image on the network. Moreover, in the annals of the Internet, it is almost impossible to get rid of an unsuccessful publication. After all, even if you remove it from your site, then an unsatisfied user or competitor will be able to quickly take a screenshot of it and send it to all interested parties even before that. Therefore, before you publish something, you need to think a hundred times.
  • You need to learn how to be courteous even with competitors, "trolls" and not quite adequate users (it’s better to just ignore the last two). Let the opponent throw mud, in dealing with him you need to play in contrast, which will only add points. You should not flare up with anger, and hysterical high-flown tirades will only please the offender, and your reputation will only be tarnished.

Of course, frankness is good, but it never goes without consequences, and therefore needs to be filtered. When in doubt about the need to publish some information and uncertainty that its disclosure will not bring harm to the company, it is better to wait with it. After all, corporate reputation must be managed with a sober mind, and for personal publications there are personal profiles in social networks.

Constant control

It is also necessary to monitor the appearance of third-party publications on controlled resources. If necessary, you can restrict access to comments, create group administrators in social networks or blogs, use the comment pre-moderation function. Offensive and unacceptable publications of visitors must be removed, because even the absence of censorship harms the image.

There are those who like to publish from several accounts or incognito mode, but this should not be abused, but used with caution. Even when using multi-accounts only for business purposes, there are “trolls” who are ready to dissolve harmful speculation on this basis, and people’s craving for scandals cannot be underestimated.