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Description and characteristics of the Armata tank


The issues of military equipment of the country are the most important, because this is the only way to protect citizens. Over time, old technology loses its relevance, and new models come to replace it. Therefore, special attention is paid to the issue of studying the characteristics of the Armata tank, since it is one of the latest options that our country produces.

The main points in the description of the Armata tank

People who see such equipment for the first time, first of all, are wondering what is the maximum speed of the Armata tank, this figure reaches 75 kilometers on the highway. The most important indicators include the following points:

  • tank tower;
  • protection;
  • chassis;
  • engine;

Tank tower. Her armor is based on the use of anti-fragmentation casings, which are designed to protect instruments and weapons. A steel casing is used to protect the turret instruments, as well as additional dynamic protection modules from minor fragmentation damage.

Protection. On this model, a full-fledged Afghanit protection system is installed, which allows you to intercept new ATGMs, as well as cumulative grenades, even on approaching the tank. Regarding the masking elements of this complex, they are in mortars, which are located on the roof of the tower.

Chassis. The good speed of the Armata tank is ensured by a diesel engine with a capacity of 1500 horsepower. A 7-roller active suspension is installed, made on paddle shock absorbers with an additional differential turning mechanism. Thanks to the new suspension, the swaying of the tank during movement is leveled. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to reduce the time period for capturing a visual target by 2.2 times using electronic guidance.

Engine. Equipped with a multi-fuel direct injection model. The exhaust that comes out of the engine will pass through pipes that are located near the fuel tanks. By the way, given the high heat capacity of a huge amount of fuel, the visibility of the tank in the IR range is reduced.

Regarding the issues of testing the Armata tank, they were largely successful, which is why it is presented as the newest open one.

Watch a video about what the latest Armata tank is capable of.

Issues related to the crew of the Armata tank

One of the important characteristics of this model is the separate placement of the crew and ammunition. This solution makes it possible to greatly increase the firepower, as well as the protection of equipment from enemy attacks. The crew of the new model can be reduced from three people to two. This is possible due to the modernization of the machine, says Andrey Terlikov, chief designer.

In this tank, the crew was placed in a special armored capsule. Thanks to this placement, people can stay alive even in the event of a direct hit on the tower and even if the ammunition ignites. According to the developers, it can even withstand a frontal hit from many modern anti-tank shells and even missiles.

Description and characteristics of the Armata tank

Regarding the equipment, it should be noted that it has:

  • 40 shells for various purposes, which are in the automatic loader;
  • several machine guns;
  • special sights, as well as night vision devices;
  • a special weapon that allows you to fire while moving.

It is considered a peculiar design decision that the crew will sit in a row. This decision allows to reduce the area of ​​the side projection, thereby minimizing the possibility of hitting it with live ammunition.

Of particular importance is the possibility of remote control for self-evacuation of the vehicle, in the event that the crew loses control of the equipment. Video cameras are installed around the entire body of the machine. Thanks to video cameras, the crew can watch around the clock what is happening around. If necessary, you can turn on the zoom, and consider a specific object as close as possible. The crew also has the ability to conduct infrared surveillance in all weather conditions, both day and night. At the moment, the armat tank model is considered the newest and many hopes are placed on it.

Why is this tank so actively discussed?

Any country strives to provide full protection to its citizens, so the leadership is ready to spend a lot of time and money to develop and produce new models of military equipment. One of these developments is the Armata tank, its main features include the following items:

  • the first tank model, which was made on the basis of a universal platform;
  • all crew members are in an armored capsule, which is separated from the combat compartment by a special partition;
  • completely uninhabited tower;
  • The radar is equipped with an active phased array;
  • the presence of the latest protection complex, which is able to intercept various ammunition.

Description and characteristics of the Armata tank

Regarding the issue of completing the machine, then in its front part there is a control compartment, where the crew itself is located. In addition, devices for monitoring and controlling the machine are installed in the same compartment. A combat compartment with a turret, ammunition, and an automatic loader was placed in the center of the vehicle. And the stern was equipped as a motor-transport department.

One of the most important features is the equipment with protection against missiles. Also, the designers equipped the vehicle with a system for installing multispectral curtains, thanks to which the tank will be invisible not only in the optical, but also in the infrared range. In addition, the crew can detect and block all existing laser guidance systems. And if necessary, shoot off heat traps.

Particular attention should be paid to electromagnetic protective equipment. It is this technique that can very quickly disable the operation of the electronics of those missiles that will fly up. This is possible due to the high quality electromagnetic pulse. According to the developers, the first tests of the Armata tank were successful.