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Do Google Play Services really drain your battery?


Since its inception, in the fall of 2008, the Android operating system has been constantly developing and improving. The number of applications is growing, the battery capacity is increasing. But, despite the increase in the battery, tablets and phones on this operating system are discharged very quickly, which causes inconvenience and permanent life “at the outlet".

Causes of excessive battery consumption

It’s no secret that, with active use, the main consumers of charge on Android devices are the screen and the processor. But, you probably noticed more than once that if you leave the phone in standby mode, its charge will still rapidly decrease. In different cases, for an hour of work in standby mode, the phone can lose from two to 15% of the charge. Don’t be so quick to blame developers, manufacturers, or the phone or tablet itself. The reason may be hiding in a completely different place. In 99 cases out of 100, it is Google Play Services that consumes battery power. Google Play services includes a lot of system and pre-installed applications that synchronize, determine location, endlessly check for software updates, work with the google play market, and the like. 

Do Google Play Services really drain your battery?

Theoretically, these services should consume about 3% of the battery, but in reality (especially recently) they can consume up to half, or even more, of the battery. You can check this in the settings, in the battery usage information. If the value exceeds the norm, the reason for the overspending is obvious. In rare cases, the power consumption of services may be higher than the amount of energy used for the screen (especially if the phone has been in standby mode for a long time or has not been actively used).

Main problem

The most interesting thing is that, even when switching to airplane mode, Google Play services continue to be active, despite the shutdown of the network and the Internet. This, naturally, is puzzling, since it is not clear what the services are doing at this time. 

Official representatives of Google do not comment on what is happening, for an unknown reason. It remains to be hoped that in the near future the company will make changes to the work of programs and, with the update, you will receive google services that will not waste invaluable energy.

Do Google Play Services really drain your battery?

Way out

Nevertheless, while there is no official help, you can independently resort to such temporary measures:

  • in the application settings, find the same services, select them and click the "clear cache" button;
  • with the Google Maps application, follow the same procedure;
  • you can try to disable google play services. In the application settings, in the running tab, select the services and click on the "stop" button.

For additional power savings, in the location settings, disable this feature. In some cases (for a short time) rebooting the device helps. Unfortunately, all these measures are temporary, and the procedures will need to be repeated if there is a noticeable increase in power consumption, or an increase in the indicators in the battery usage settings.

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