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Effective methods and principles of website promotion


A set of measures that are aimed at improving the discovery of a resource in search engines based on specific queries is called effective website promotion. Effective ways to promote the site are aimed at increasing the traffic of the resource thanks to the free traffic received from the search results.

Website promotion basics

They boil down to the following procedures:

  • find a key term that is more often found in user queries when accessing search engines;
  • add a page to the site where the key phrase is correctly placed, for example, a couple of times in the text and one in the H1 heading;
  • display links to this page from other articles of the same resource (internal linking), using the specified phrase as an anchor (link text);
  • embed links from third-party sites into the page, using the keyword as an anchor (external optimization).

Such a complex promotion of web resources consists of two components:

  • internal optimization – relinking within the site, editing page text;
  • external optimization – increasing the authority of the resource in front of search engines and obtaining links from third-party sites.

Order of Internal Optimization

It is logical to approach the external optimization of the site only after the internal optimization of the resource is fully completed, and this requires quite painstaking work.

Components of internal optimization:

  • optimization of the code of pages and texts;
  • server optimization and verification of its operation;
  • internal linking (optimization of the site structure);
  • creating a sitemap and Robots.txt;
  • search and elimination of page duplicates;
  • resource design optimization – HTML code must be valid, and the site should work equally well in any browsers.

Video about the principles of website promotion

Website promotion plan with external optimization

There are several stages here.


It is much more efficient to write all the materials for the site, immediately inserting keywords into them, using 2-3 similar keywords for each article. That is, you first need to determine the key phrases and topics of the articles for which the page is to be brought to the top. Such a site will be much easier to promote, since the keywords will naturally fit into the articles, and it will be possible to immediately understand which query matches which page.

Link Mass

You can promote your site on your own or order accelerated promotion by keywords. To do this, there are 4 effective and simple principles of website promotion: promotion with articles, use of contextual advertising, implementation in social networks and teaser advertising.

  • It’s better to start with social networks and communities, since many contemporaries are literally mired in them, and isn’t this the best place to fish them out of there? There you just need to throw information about the resource. Unobtrusive, colorful advertising in communities can bring many new visitors. In addition, social networks help not only with the promotion of the resource, but they also provide feedback.

Effective methods and principles of website promotion

  • Article promotion implies the constant inclusion of links in a wide variety of texts (informational, advertising, etc.). For such promotion, relevant keys will be required, related in meaning to the text surrounding them. Usually links are keywords. This is where a good copywriter comes in handy.
  • Link promotion resembles the previous method, but can do without texts. Links are placed in texts with an approximate theme to the webmaster’s site.
  • Contextual advertising can be called the financial center of the site, since the main income will come from it. This tool is not cheap, but it is faster and more effective in attracting visitors. To start working with contextual advertising, you just need to register on a special resource, for example, Yandex.Direct or Google AdSense, specify the name of the site and determine the cost per click – and that’s it!
  • The last of the considered means of promotion is teaser advertising – a method that has recently become popular and often used. If we define its meaning in Russian, it is “zamanuha", a mixture of intriguing text and a bright picture. By pecking at such a bright hook, users click on it and get to the advertiser’s website.

Reviews in blogs and posts

Here links are placed on thematic blogs. A review is a full-fledged article with a story about a company or website, and a post is just a link to it, seasoned with a short annotation. The tool is effective, promising traffic.

Exchange of articles and links with thematic sites

It can be manual or automatic. This can be negotiated with the owners of resources, since it is beneficial to everyone. This is a free but highly effective standard technique, although webmasters are reluctant to exchange links and articles.

Contests, natural links, viral marketing

You can prepare interesting material that users themselves will distribute on the Internet – this is viral marketing. For example, ordinary users very often link to interesting videos or e-books. You can organize a competition with attractive prizes and with the obligation for participants to use a link to a specific site. This measure is effective, despite the fact that it can be both paid and free.

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