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​Electric bike motor: effortless mobility


A bicycle provides its owner with a certain degree of freedom in terms of movement. However, pedaling, especially for a long time and, if necessary, overcoming considerable distances, is a rather complicated matter. This task can be facilitated by equipping the iron horse with a homemade electric motor.

The main types of electric motors

To turn a simple bike into a modern electric bike, it will have to install a special bicycle motor. First of all, it is worth considering what an electric motor for a bicycle can be. They happen:

  1. Motor wheel. The most popular type. It is especially convenient to use when converting an ordinary city bike into an electric bike. The power reserve of such a motor is 40-50 km, the speed that it is able to develop is about 60 km / h.
  2. Outboard engine. Powered by rechargeable battery. Such an engine will increase the overall weight of the bike. But the speed on such a bike can be developed very impressive – up to 120 km / h. It is also possible to put it on most ordinary bicycles.
  3. Friction drive motor. Not particularly popular. Because of it, the wheels wear out many times faster, interruptions in work are very noticeable at high humidity, and its efficiency is extremely low. Perhaps the only plus of this electric motor is that in order to install it, you do not have to disassemble the bike.

So, when choosing between ready-made bicycle motors, it is best to choose the first two types of motor. However, you will have to spend some time installing them.

​Electric bike motor: effortless mobility

Bicycle motor from improvised means

If buying and installing special equipment seems not interesting enough for you, you can try to make an electric motor for a bicycle with your own hands. First of all, the engine itself will have to be removed from somewhere. The most suitable option may be a motor from a lawn mower or a washing machine. First of all, you will have to calculate the power, because not every engine will be able to move you and your vehicle from a place.

When climbing a hill, you will most likely have to help yourself with pedals. Another significant issue here is the weight of the engine itself. After all, the more powerful it is, the more, as a rule, it will weigh. In addition, for most household electric motors, you will need a very large, powerful and heavy battery, which will make your bike significantly heavier. And in some cases – even a whole system of several batteries at once.

​Electric bike motor: effortless mobility

Motorcycle kits and special engines

An excellent alternative to engines that are not suitable for cycling are special bicycle motorcycle kits. As a rule, they already include all the necessary mounts, which are universal for most modern bicycles.

Well, many eminent ones have been producing for a long time even full-fledged bicycle motors, with a capacity of up to 4 liters. With. They are of very high quality and will allow you to ride completely on the engine alone, without any need to pedal.

Figuring out how to make an electric motor for a bicycle is certainly a difficult task, which will take a very, very long time to learn all the technical details. So the purchase of a special bicycle motor and simply its independent installation on a bike will be much easier, more rational, more convenient, and most importantly, safer.

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