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Features of m2 SSDs


Solid state drives are such devices that are based on the principles of flash memory and have moved from a number of promising ones in the future to the category of common and popular innovations in the field of storing information data arrays. Their main advantages include high productivity, minimal noise during operation, reduced power consumption and heat dissipation. The most important thing is the right choice of device, but what characteristics distinguish solid-state drives like m 2 further.

Flash type

Each of the flash memory chips used for solid-state devices has a certain specificity, which concerns the principles of storing information arrays. There are only three types:

Features of m2 SSDs

Possible volumes for storing information

The possible capacity of solid-state drives m 2, which are on sale at a particular point in time, ranges from thirty gigabytes and ends with four terabytes. As is the case with many other types of virtual data storage, the main principle is: the more the better. But, due to the enormous cost of the devices, there are their own limitations. Consider the most common variations and their popular application:

  • 120/128 gigabytes have received the most recognition and distribution. This is the necessary and most rational minimum, which provides the ability to install not only the operating system, but also the necessary applications;
  • 240/256 gigabytes are considered the second most popular and successfully replace hard drives in full, as they have quite significant amounts of storage;
  • 300 Gigabytes – 1 Terabytes – quite expensive storages of virtual information, the acquisition of which often has a clear justification;
  • 60/64 Gigabytes – used as a system disk for installing the operating system on a personal computer;
  • Less than fifty gigabytes are used extremely rarely and are used, for the most part, as a data caching tool in the total hybrid disk system.

Features of m2 SSDs

SSD performance

The main thing to point out is that the performance of such devices is much higher compared to the performance of any standard and familiar hard drives. However, the performance of solid state devices is seriously affected by the controller firmware.

See in the video below the features of m2 solid state drives

According to this reason, even models that fundamentally do not have any differences other than firmware can have significant differences in performance. But if we talk about the same series, then greater productivity is typical for those representatives of the line, the volume of which is larger. The differences become especially noticeable when recording.

Features of m2 SSDs

However, the performance of any of the SSDs is significantly higher than the performance of HDDs. In more illustrative terms, the speed and convenience of the worst SSD will be far superior to the same speed and performance of the best hard drive.

Solid State Drive Reliability

A specific parameter is one of the most popular, and as a result, the most significant for users. It is impossible to deny the fact that the number of cycles for which any cells in solid state drives are designed have their own margin of safety and a finite number. Since a specific number by the standards of ordinary users is quite modest, they begin to put it less and less often – so as not to greatly confuse potential buyers.

Nevertheless, the approximate terms of work, despite the sometimes more than modest figures of a thousand cycles, are three to five years. As a fact, for owners of personal computers, such a criterion practically does not play a role, since after a specific three to five years, you still want to replace the device with a more capacious analog of a solid state drive. If you still want to purchase such a quiet and productive device, you should not focus too much on this – if you need to purchase a solid state laptop for a home laptop, or a computer, then the data storage will wear out extremely slowly.

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