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Fighting dry indoor air: how to choose a humidifier


With the beginning of the heating season, the air in the apartment becomes very dry. A comfortable microclimate is one of the important components of good health, and dry air is especially dangerous for children, as it causes the respiratory tract to dry out, which can lead to infectious and respiratory diseases. To preserve your health and loved ones, find out how to choose a humidifier for your apartment.

This device should be in every apartment, but you should definitely consider buying if:

  • If the mucous membranes of your eyes and nose dry out, dry skin appears. This can happen not only in winter, but even in summer.
  • Moisture-loving plants began to dry, spraying and watering do not help. If you do not buy a device for humidifying the air, then the flowers may die.
  • But remember that you need not just to humidify the air, but to monitor the exact indicators, because if there is too much moisture, then the risk of getting colds increases in a cold room, and pathogenic microbes can develop in a warm room.

Characteristics: what do we pay attention to first of all?

Usually sellers start talking about types of humidifiers, but this is a mistake. First, think about your requirements, performance and features of the technique, and then decide on the type and specific model.

Device performance

This is the first thing to consider before deciding which humidifier to choose for your apartment. The indicator determines how much water the equipment consumes per day, how intensively and economically it can work. Most models have 10 liters.

Maximum room area

The best option can be selected, if only to combine the performance of the device and the area of ​​u200bu200bthe room. If you choose a low-power humidifier, then it will not cope with a large area, the air will remain dry, and vice versa, with a very powerful one, the humidity level will exceed the available limit. Do not make a mistake – do not try to buy a model that can provide humidity to several rooms at once, the air will be enriched unevenly, and this is unhealthy. It is better to opt for several small devices for each room.

Functions that a humidifier should have

If you think that this technique only moisturizes, then you are deeply mistaken. Modern models purify the air, monitor the balance of temperature and humidity, turn off as soon as the maximum conditions have been reached, and periodically turn on to save them. If you still do not trust electronics, you can choose a model with a timer to set the time of the device yourself.

Water tank

Everything is simple here: the larger the water tank, the larger the dimensions of the humidifiers and the period of uninterrupted operation. Usually its volume depends on the power. If you are purchasing equipment for an apartment, then you can stop at medium power, that is, the tank will not be too large.


must purify water so that impurities harmful to humans are not released into the air, it will also protect against dust, allergens and infections. Many modern models are equipped with filters that will eliminate the effect of pollen, bacteria and dust mites on the human body.

About types of humidifiers: advantages and disadvantages

In total, there are 5 types that differ in the principles of operation:

Steam humidifier

It will help you learn how to choose a humidifier for your apartment, video. It will immediately show how the water begins to evaporate after heating. The design of this type is simple: water is heated using two electrodes. Typically, such a device is chosen due to its low cost, high performance and ease of use.

Ultrasonic Models

Their choice in stores is huge, they are more popular than other models. The water that is in the tank turns into a water cloud. Dry air is sucked into the machine, where it is cleaned and exits as a moist mist. This type of device works with ultrasound, not steam, so it doesn’t get hot.

Classic, or traditional, humidifier

Water is poured into the tank, which then enters the evaporator elements. The device sucks in dry air and passes it through the system, the principle of cold evaporation is obtained. Such models are valued for their silent operation, the ability to install an antibacterial cassette for air purification, and their relatively low cost.

Classic humidifiers are used not only in residential premises, but also in offices, orphanages and schools, they are safe to use.

Climate complexes

They belong to humidifiers, but they represent a whole system that can humidify and purify the air. The three-stage system, in which three filters are installed, is especially popular: one is coal and two are of the HEPA class. They trap dust, microparticles, plant pollen and all components that are in the air and are harmful to the human body.

Air washer

It also belongs to the complex, that is, it moisturizes and purifies the air at the same time. The principle of operation for all models is the same: they, like a vacuum cleaner, draw in dry air, pass it through a water tank and filters. The only drawback is the maximum air humidification – up to 60%. It is interesting that the Air-O-Swiss 2055 sink has a silver ionized rod, which completely rids the water of harmful components. You can operate one rod for several years, and over the years its effectiveness does not decrease.

An air washer will keep the room fresh and clean, and the appliance can cope with heavy dust.

Perhaps, reviews will help someone in the question of how to choose a humidifier for an apartment.

In order not to make a mistake, read reviews on how to choose a humidifier for an apartment, as well as how certain models behave in operation. When choosing, pay attention to absolutely all indicators, remember that you trust this device with the most important thing – your health, so you should not save money and it is better to purchase a device that will humidify, purify and disinfect the air. The best option is to choose a complex that consists of a humidifier and a purifier.

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