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Functions and Features of Internet Marketing


Thanks to the emergence and widespread use of the Internet, the development of information technologies and information systems, a new direction of modern business has arisen – e-business. This new type of activity involves the implementation of information exchange, market research, pre- and after-sales service and support, the sale of goods and services, electronic payment, etc.

The Internet allows you to promote goods and services with high performance and low financial costs. This helps to bring any type of business to fundamentally new levels of development, increase the client base, sell large volumes of products and win the trust of consumers.

Internet Marketing Features

Compression of business processes and increased responsiveness to consumer requests

A prompt response to customer requests depends on the performance of e-business. The time interval between the order and its execution is only a few seconds or minutes. To successfully conduct e-business, it is necessary to reduce unnecessary procedures, use parallel communication, fulfilling orders in real time.

In order for consumers to be able to receive any product or service from suppliers at the touch of a button, businesses need to get their work done as quickly as possible.

Collaboration with partners

Due to the growth of competition around the world, many enterprises prefer to unite for a certain period, when they jointly carry out the execution of any order. This tactic allows them to work more efficiently.

Video about the features of Internet marketing

Transition to personalized service

Features of Internet marketing are the focus of business on meeting consumer needs. Companies entering the electronic market need to understand that the service here is more important than the product itself. Each consumer, buyer, employee or partner requires an individual approach, so the work of enterprises is reoriented towards creating an individual client market.

Flexible approach to business

Flexibility is essential for successful e-business. Entire sectors of the economy are now undergoing a process of restructuring in which businesses need to redefine their position in order to create a profitable Web structure.

Internet Marketing Features

The main functions of Internet marketing are to study such issues as pricing, demand, advertising, sales, sales promotion, planning and assortment, etc. The most important area of ​​Internet marketing is website promotion in a search engine. It is this direction that is the most important condition for effective interaction with potential buyers or customers on the Internet. This is due to the fact that the main channels through which the target audience gets to the site are thematic directories and search engines.

  • Website promotion (for this you need to increase the link base).
  • Website optimization for certain search engines.
  • Advertise your product or service online.
  • Regular communication with clients through effective feedback, surveys in order to study their needs, comments and wishes.
  • Continuous support of the site, search engine optimization and monitoring the quality of its work.
  • Timely change of any marketing plan in accordance with changing situations.

Benefits of Internet Marketing

To create their Internet business and promote products through the Internet, every entrepreneur has to deal with marketing. In order to better understand various situations, you need to know all the pros and cons of Internet marketing. Among the main advantages are the following:

  • The cost of advertising on the Internet is significantly different from the cost of advertising on television. In addition, it is much cheaper to carry out international marketing on the Internet.
  • Such a value as the “attention index" has significant differences for such information media as television, the press and the Internet. Thus, potential consumers pay attention to television advertising much less (no more than 8%) than to advertising seen on the Internet. And if we are talking about any specialized site, then this index in some cases can be 100%.
  • As a rule, the main audience of the Internet are people with an income level above the average.
  • Thanks to the Internet, consumers can get their own opinion about advertised products without being subjected to psychological pressure from sellers.
  • Marketing activities on the Internet allows you to more easily receive additional information and establish feedback at any convenient time.

Functions and Features of Internet Marketing

Does internet marketing have disadvantages?

  • A small degree of security.
  • A lot of people are shopping online these days. However, the number of such people is much less than those who do not use the services of online stores. Therefore, today the Internet audience is still quite limited.
  • Due to the huge size of the Internet, many users are faced with such a problem as a large amount of garbage, which does not allow them to quickly find the information they need.
  • Some people also see some ethical issue in email marketing related to the need to leave personal information and data on the Internet.

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