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Great physicists: who are they and what did they do for science


The world does not stand still, everything flows and changes, the planet rotates around its axis, a thunderstorm always comes with lightning and thunder, and leaves fall to the ground. And it was precisely simple things at first glance that aroused in a person an interest in the exact and natural sciences.

Famous physicists of the world

The history of physics has several millennia. In its origins, closely intertwined with mathematics, chemistry and even philosophy, this science initially studied matter in its calmness and in interaction with the world, putting this knowledge at the basis of other disciplines, because everything in the world can be explained by physical laws.

Many great physicists have devoted their lives to trying to find answers to the questions that humanity needs:

  1. Galileo Galilei is an Italian physicist who laid down the laws of mechanics and motion of bodies. Known for his works in the field of natural science and astronomy.
  2. John Dalton was an English physicist and chemist who studied gases and their properties throughout his life, and was the first to formulate the theory of the atomic structure of substances.
  3. Lev Landau is the father of the teachings on magnetism, quantum electromechanics, and astrophysics. He is the author of works on superconductors, as well as discoveries in the field of atomic and thermonuclear physics.
  4. Blaise Pascal is a physicist who studied the laws of hydraulics.
  5. Irene Joliot-Curie, Pierre Curie, Marie Curie-Sklodowska – the Curie family, known for their discoveries in the field of radioactive elements and radioactivity.
  6. Albert Einstein is a German physicist who outlined and substantiated the essence of the theory of relativity.
  7. Ernest Rutherford, Georg Ohm, André-Marie Ampère are scientists who made a number of fundamental discoveries in the field of electromagnetism and electric current.

Famous physicists of the world are hundreds of talented scientists, among which are Michael Faraday, John Bardeen, Max Planck, Robert Boyle, Paul Dirac.

Great physicists: who are they and what did they do for science

Russian mite

The luminaries of Russian science also did not stand aside. Numerous works and discoveries of such great people as Alexander Stoletov, Alexander Popov, Dmitry Mendeleev, Abram Ioffe, Igor Kurchatov, Pyotr Lebedev, Emil Lenz, Alexander Prokhorov left their significant mark on the development of physics.

Modern physicists in Russia are a whole galaxy of young and talented scientists, many of whom are followers of their eminent ancestors: Sergei Kapitsa, Vitaly Ginzburg, Zhores Alferov, Andrey Sakharov. They develop relevant areas, improving and promoting scientific progress forward.

Various devices and inventions made on the basis of discoveries and knowledge in the field of this fundamental science have greatly simplified the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and are successfully used in all spheres of life, especially in medicine, aerodynamics and the military industry.

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