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Hackers steal money using Santander ATM bug


The bug allowed attackers to use fake debit cards to withdraw more funds from ATMs than was on the balance.

This week, the FBI arrested more than 50 people from several criminal gangs who used a glitch in Santander Bank’s ATM software to cash out more money than was stored on the cards.

Hackers showed how to force popular ATMs to issue money and customer data

Researchers have introduced two new zero-day vulnerabilities in popular ATMs that allow them to obtain bank customer data, as well as make the ATM “spit money".

Hackers found a bug in ATMs

The bug allowed attackers to use fake debit cards to withdraw more funds from ATMs than was on the balance.

ZDNet managed to find out that details about this particular software failure were initially kept secret and transferred or sold by attackers for several days.

However, this week, the information eventually leaked online and spread widely in Telegram chats, Instagram and other social networks.

As a result of an uncontrolled leak of information, many began to use this bug, which led to a sudden surge in cash withdrawals through ATMs, which immediately attracted the attention of the bank’s security staff and prompted them to investigate.

The bank was eventually able to figure out what was going on and filed complaints with authorities this week, with the FBI launching investigations in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Bank shuts down all ATMs to stop losses

To prevent further losses, Santander Bank closed all ATMs on Tuesday.

“Santander is pleased to announce that after yesterday’s events, branches are open and ATMs are back online, however, ATMs are currently only open to bank customers,” a Santander spokesperson told ZDNet today via email.

“Customers should be aware that their accounts, data or funds were not affected, and we continue to cooperate with law enforcement while they investigate this situation,” Santander Bank said.

After cashing out one of Santander’s ATMs, members of the criminal group argued about how to divide the stolen money and had a shootout among themselves.

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