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Harm to headphones: can music be harmful to health?


Almost anywhere, be it public transport or any city street, it is easy to spot such people. They listen to music, shielding themselves from the world with tiny plugs or huge headphones. Most often they are teenagers, but you can also meet adults, serious people, also immersed in their own musical world.

It is worth noting that although your favorite songs help to brighten up the travel time or think about something important, the use of headphones has a rather detrimental effect on human hearing. Any wearer of headphones who uses them more than they should risk not only losing their hearing, but also acquiring occasional uncontrollable dizziness and ringing in the ears.

The problem is that the so-called in-ear headphones in working condition are located very close to the inner ear, which leads to the death of the nerve endings of the membrane, and this, in turn, threatens with a significant hearing loss. Also, in-ear headphones put pressure on the skin, thereby stimulating the active formation of so-called "plugs" – earwax is produced more actively than usual, and every day everything becomes denser and denser.

Of course, it is not recommended to listen to music at the maximum permissible volume – it is much more reasonable to set the volume at which you can hear the speech of others. It is also preferable to use headphones that completely cover the auricle, as they do not harm the nerve endings of the membrane, unlike earbuds.

A huge number of accidents due to headphones have been recorded. Children mostly suffer: when listening to music, they almost never take out their headphones while crossing the roadway. Carelessness can lead to extremely sad and even tragic outcomes.

Try to use the headphones as rarely as possible, and if such a need arises, use only high-quality, large “ears", but not vacuum tabs.

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