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Hosting. What are they?


And so, for starters, I propose to figure out what hosting is all about. This is a large platform where you can host your own unique website. Thousands of advertisements about various sites hang all over the Internet. They provide you with a place that can be cheap and hence the hosting is cheap. Usually it has a space limit that does not allow you to create a large-scale site. There is also an unlimited option, by registering on which you can upload an unlimited amount of information to your site, but, as a rule, this is more expensive, and the fee is once a month.

Such sites can be divided into cheap, vps-servers and others, of which there are a large number. At this stage of the article I want to talk about wordpress hosting. These sites are designed for small sites, with minimal memory. But there is an opportunity to increase the amount of space to unlimited, you know, it will not be cheap. So, what is the essence: you are given the opportunity to create your own site, but what is the difference from others?

Firstly, the template is always different, if on a regular site you see an arbitrary design, then everything is included in the framework. Secondly, only 4 columns are given, but you can, of course, choose the required template, and divide everything in it into sections and headings. The WordPress site itself, which provides the opportunity to create such sites at the initial stage, does not take much, so it can be called cheap hosting.

But one of the most powerful are vps servers, they usually run the most powerful Internet sites. Because the size, the speed of receiving and transmitting information is huge, but it also costs accordingly. On the most powerful tariff, the price per month can reach 2 thousand dollars and this is not the limit. But again, this server provides you with the most comfortable administration, and in addition, the dynamic development of your site.

As for the concept of cheap hosting, it should be pointed out that there are too many of them. And the choice will be difficult, which means that you will have to compare and try to find the best one, both in terms of price and quality. Such hostings usually significantly limit the space on your site, after which I suggest raising the tariff and paying a monthly fee. But first you are offered not to pay. And if the site is visited or rapidly developing, the initial place is still not enough, which means that you will have to change the tariff and pay extra.

I understand that it’s up to everyone what hosting to use, but isn’t it better to choose a good one right away, and not look for trial options? But it also depends if you are creating your site for yourself or for people! As you can see, there are enough options, now you just need to determine yours, because there are both cheap and expensive ones.

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