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How often should a watch be checked for leaks?


Today it is quite difficult to imagine a person without a watch. Most often there are watches made for ordinary everyday wear. However, not all owners of such watches are aware that they also need to be checked for leaks.

It is best to check the watch every time the batteries are changed, since the seal can be damaged when the case is removed. If this happens, then over time, atmospheric moisture can get inside, forming condensate. In turn, condensate leads not only to fogging of the glass, but also to corrosion of the mechanism.

If the watch glass is fogged up from the inside, then you should not open the case yourself and dry it. It is also not recommended to dry the watch on a battery or other heat source. This leads to drying of all gaskets and seals that protect the watch from moisture and dust. All this can cause irreparable harm. It is best to immediately contact qualified specialists who will check the watch on special equipment.

There are two ways to check the tightness of a watch. The most common is to check the "dry" method using special equipment. With this method, the check is carried out using the influence of the minimum and maximum pressure.

But do not think that only quartz watches are not protected from moisture. This also applies to mechanical watches. Atmospheric moisture can get into them through the crown. There is also a seal, which wears out over time and becomes not as reliable as before.

In addition, moisture can get inside the watch and through the microscopic gaps between the glass and the case.

Even if the watch is waterproof, you should pay attention to a number of requirements. First of all, you need to pay attention to the marking of the watch, which is located on the case. So, for example, a waterproof watch marked 3 atm can only withstand the ingress of rare drops of water when washing hands or during rain. And in no case can you dive and take a shower in them.

Experts advise checking your watch at least once a year. Timely and regular checks can significantly increase the life of your watch.

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