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How to assemble a Tesla coil with your own hands


It is no secret to anyone who the famous Nikola Tesla is. The mystical stories that tell about him are not discussed today. Let us recall the well-known inventions, which are being argued to this day.

Major Inventions

  • Wireless power transmission over long distances;
  • Fluorescent glow;
  • Electric clock;
  • Turbine;
  • Electric ovens;
  • Fluorescent lamps;
  • Electron microscope.

It is simply not possible to list all of his 800 inventions. One of the inventions that amazes with bright phenomena in the form of lightning flashes is high-frequency Tesla coils. They are a resonant transformer. This device has been striking with the power of large discharges for more than a decade. Seeing the operation of the device, you will not be able to forget the amazing phenomenon that creates bright lighting effects that resemble controlled lightning. Using coils with a diameter of 60 meters and a copper sphere pole, Tesla placed them over the laboratory and generated discharges. Their length reached more than forty meters.

How to assemble a Tesla coil with your own hands

Such arrows created effects of incredible beauty, while the sound of thunder (released energy) was heard for 25 kilometers. Above the tower floated a luminous ball with a diameter of at least 30 meters. People were amazed by the extraordinary spectacle of sparks dancing on the ground. In addition, when someone tried to turn on the faucet, they received a bunch of colored lights. A similar experimental launch took place in 1904.

If you are an amateur specialist, you have a cherished dream to repeat the work of a brilliant inventor, then we will try to figure out how to assemble a Tesla coil. Despite the fact that the work itself is not difficult, many cannot cope with it. In order for everything to work out, you need to know the principle of the Tesla coil. The device has several names, but they all mean the same thing:

  • Tesla transformer (main name);
  • Tesla coil;
  • Tesla.

Tesla coil working principle.

It should be remembered that this is a universal transformer design, which is made of two windings that do not have a common core, since it enhances mutual induction. The first (primary) coil, an alternating voltage is applied to it, which creates a magnetic field. With its help, the received energy of the primary coil is transferred to the second winding.How to assemble a Tesla coil with your own hands  

The second model also creates a circuit (oscillatory), but the difference is that the condensate replaces the capacitance of the toroid. All the energy received for a certain time is stored in this circuit in the form of voltage. The conclusion follows from this: the more energy we accumulate, the higher the resulting voltage will be. At the output, it is neither more nor less than millions of volts. This makes it possible to observe the amazing spectacle of electrical discharges. The pulse length reaches several meters. To repeat the invention, the first question is how to assemble a Tesla coil. For this you will need:

After you prepare all the required material, proceed to the step-by-step creation of the invention.

Work begins with winding.

In order to make a winding on the first coil, prepare a special form. It must be conical or cylindrical. Wind copper alloy wire around. Turns must be at least ten. The turns should be made tightly, but at the same time, it must be controlled so that there are no overlaps. After you finish the winding, be sure to insulate and strengthen the resulting turns using varnish for this. Remember!!! The length of the wire affects the inductance, and it must be only low on the first coil.How to assemble a Tesla coil with your own hands

The secondary model is created in the same way, but the number of turns is increased. There should be at least a thousand of them, while the transformation coefficient is fifty times greater in terms of the quantitative ratio of the second winding to the primary. The winding of the secondary Tesla coil should be more powerful. But at the same time, it must have a frequency equal to the primary winding, since the difference will lead to the combustion of the first coil.

After you have completed the first stage of work, proceed to the preparation of the transformer. It should be chosen very carefully, it must strictly correspond to the dimensions of the coil. Using small capacitors of equal size, combine them together in a circuit. Thanks to this, you will have the potential for an even accumulation of energy in the primary circuit. In order for it to be powerful enough, the resulting capacitor must constantly receive charging. Having received the main elements, connect everything using a choke for this. The resulting device will start working only after you connect the transformer.

Types of discharges received:

How to assemble a Tesla coil with your own handsWithout using wires, using this high-frequency device, you will be able to keep the lamps glowing. In addition, a bright beautiful spark will be generated at the edge of the winding, you can touch it with your hands, since it is relatively safe. But as experts advise, the transformer device should not be turned on near a PC, telephones or foreign household appliances, as they may fail. In the event that you manage to create such a coil yourself, before starting the test, you should follow certain rules: