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How to choose a clothes steamer: manual or floor standing?


The steamer is a new invention that smooths clothes with a powerful jet of steam. To do this, you do not need to install an ironing board, just hang things on a hanger, that is, give it a vertical position, and you can start working.

Types of senders and their features

Now on sale you can find two types of steamers:

Manual, which is used not only at home, but also on a trip or a business trip. It takes up little space, but it does not have high power. Usually it does not exceed 900 watts. Since there is not enough water in the tank, the operating time is short – about 10-15 minutes. It will be a great option for those who save space in the house and iron a small amount of things. Before choosing a handheld garment steamer, consider how much clothing you need to iron.

The floor one is much more powerful than the manual one, it works longer thanks to the large tank, its main part resembles a vacuum cleaner, that is, it is also located on wheels and has a similar shape.

Steamer power

How to choose a clothes steamer: manual or floor standing?This is one of the main characteristics of the device, according to this principle, all models are divided into two types: those whose power is more than 1800 watts or, conversely, less. Devices from the first group can smooth absolutely any clothes, they are universal, and the second will cope with everything except jeans, winter jackets, blankets, etc. For the home, you can choose a steamer with any power, but preference should still be given to those that can quickly cope with even the densest fabric.

water tank

Before choosing a garment steamer, decide how much space you can allocate for it. The larger the tank, the fewer times you need to fill the steamer. However, the space for it will need about the same as for a vacuum cleaner.

But it is not worth buying very compact devices, unless it is absolutely necessary for this. They will have to be constantly refueled, as some of the full tank lasts only 7-8 minutes.


Ask the seller before buying which accessories are included with the steamer. There may be several of them, you can watch a video about how to use a clothes steamer.

  • a brush to rid clothes of dust and lint;
  • clip for attaching to a trouser hanger;
  • a mitten that protects hands from hot steam;
  • hangers for clothes;
  • nozzles for processing pockets and collars.

The choice of a steamer largely depends on the amount of clothes that it has to steam. If there is a lot of it, then manual models are inconvenient and can quickly become unusable, therefore it is better to buy a full one. However, bulky models will turn out to be superfluous if several things are constantly steamed with their help. The most important thing is to find a compromise between price, power and ease of use. It is important to understand that the steamer is an additional element that helps the hostess in ironing, you don’t need to think that it doesn’t matter how to choose an ironing board and iron. The household will need everything, including a high-quality steamer.

To choose the right steamer, first consider whether you will use it at home or take it on vacation, how many things you need to process and whether it will be needed for delicate fabrics. It happens that you have purchased a product, but it does not meet your requirements, then you should find out which products are subject to and which are not subject to exchange and return.

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