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How to choose a headlamp and LED lamp?


It is very difficult to live without light, and this can be felt especially acutely in the dark. But there are situations when there is no electricity at hand, and matches or a lighter cannot fight the darkness long enough and effectively. Then they remember such a simple, but indispensable device in everyday life, like a lantern.

Types of lanterns

In general, all lamps can be divided into two groups: street and autonomous, which are used in everyday life, they are sometimes also called manual. And before choosing a lamp of this type, you need to familiarize yourself with their classification:

  1. Forehead. Despite the fact that they wear it on the head, it still belongs to the category of manual ones. Such a device is convenient in cases where hands must be left free: during repair work, on hikes, etc.
  2. Trinket. It has little power, but many are attracted by the compactness of such a flashlight. It is convenient for them to illuminate the keyhole so as not to miss the key in the dark, or to illuminate the wall in search of a switch.
  3. Tactical. This device is designed for hunting, it can be hand-held or under-barrel, that is, attached under the barrel of a weapon.
  4. Actually manual. Such flashlights can be ordinary pocket or heavy duty, differ in the intensity of illumination.

There are other types of lamps: underwater, automobile, bicycle, etc. But they already have a narrower purpose.

How to choose a headlamp and LED lamp?

How to choose a headlamp?

Before you choose a headlamp, you need to determine what you will need it for later. Typically, such a "bulb" is chosen according to three criteria:

  1. Structural strength and durability of materials. It’s good if the “headpiece" is made of anodized aluminum, and it will be fastened on two tapes that fit snugly to the head along and across; You also need to pay attention to weight: the device should not be heavy.
  2. Economy of batteries. The flashlight can be powered by batteries or by accumulators, and so that they do not sit down too quickly, the “headpiece” is often equipped with a light level regulator.
  3. lighting characteristics. Experts recommend choosing an LED flashlight, but you should not choose a model with too bright and unregulated lighting, otherwise it will dazzle in confined spaces.

When deciding which flashlight to choose, you must not only hold it in your hands, but also try it on your head, evaluate how convenient the dimmer works.

How to choose a headlamp and LED lamp?

How to choose an LED lamp?

LEDs as alternative lighting sources are extremely popular today. And this is easily explained by the fact that they:

  • eco-friendly,
  • economical,
  • safe to use
  • durable,
  • compact.

As a result, LED lights are the choice of more and more people. How to choose an LED flashlight and what should be taken into account?

  1. What does the device work on? Batteries are more beneficial when you intend to use the flashlight from time to time on hikes, in all other cases it is worth choosing a battery.
  2. Warm and cold light. Here, as they say, it’s a matter of taste, but we must take into account that the cold light is brighter, although the color rendering is worse than that of the warm one.
  3. reflector shape. Smooth or wrinkled, the first is used for long-range lights.
  4. Case cover. The anodized coating is resistant to scratches and dents, the thicker it is, the better the device is protected.

LED lights are used in many areas: tourism, hunting, life and even scuba diving. But for such an application, among other things, it is necessary to take into account such a criterion as water resistance.

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