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How to choose a hood – kitchen orderly


An extractor hood should be present in every modern kitchen, especially if a large family lives in an apartment or house, where they often cook. This device will help to avoid the appearance of soot on the walls and ceiling. How to choose and buy a kitchen hood?

The main functions of the hood

A cooker hood is a simple kitchen appliance, it does not require a long study of the instructions. It protects appliances, furniture and kitchen walls from grease and soot, the room from unpleasant odors.

This technique also serves as an additional source of lighting, so before choosing a hood for the kitchen, you should pay attention to this function. Most modern models can be controlled using a remote control. There are hoods with a built-in TV. Usually the design is made of plastic and metal, has glass or wooden inserts.

Choosing a hood for power

To choose a hood for power, the most important thing is to consider the size of the room in which it will work. If the kitchen is small, then it is better to opt for a low-power model – it will be quite enough, but such a device will not work for a large room, since it simply cannot completely clean all the air.

Within one hour, ten air changes in 60 minutes should be provided. To determine the required performance of the exhaust fan, you need to multiply the area of ​​u200bu200bthe room by its height, but before that, exclude the area occupied by kitchen equipment. How to choose a kitchen hood in terms of power so that it does not create a lot of noise? To do this, it is important to remember that you do not need to set the maximum level of performance, the only exception is cases of burning food or frying fish.

Usually they set 2 or 3 fan speeds, the maximum in various models is 5 or 6, the maximum productivity per hour is 900 cubic meters.

Deciding on filters

A modern hood may contain charcoal and grease filters. The carbon filter is designed to combat various food odors, dust and dirt. When buying a device, it is not included in the kit; usually, experts recommend purchasing it only if the work is performed in air recirculation mode.

The second type of filters – grease catching is sold together with the hood, it is not necessary to purchase it additionally. It is made of synthetic materials or aluminum. The service life is not limited, but in order for it to last as long as possible, it must be constantly looked after.

The best models of hoods are able to rid the indoor air of pollution within 7-8 minutes. The filter installed in the device can reduce its performance by 2 times.

Varieties of modern hoods

Now three types of hoods are being sold, the main difference of which is in the features of location and installation.


installed above the stove and mounted in a kitchen cabinet, they have an additional retractable model, which is used when it is necessary to quickly clean the air or deep pollution. It is important to know how to choose a built-in hood for the kitchen so that it cleans the air with high quality and lasts as long as possible. The main thing here is not to save money, consider models with only two motors and reusable aluminum filters that can be washed and used again. Cheap models with one motor and disposable filters are unlikely to be able to clean quickly and efficiently, and regular purchase of filters will make the device quite expensive.


Mounted under the kitchen cabinet or just above the stove. Filters are usually made of disposable acrylic fabric, have small motors, the easiest mode for them, in which manufacturers advise using it, is recirculation. But for him you will have to additionally buy disposable filters. Devices with this design are considered the cheapest and most common.

Dome hoods

mounted to the ceiling or wall, they can be completely metal, metal with glass or wood inserts. They are easy to pick up to the interior of the kitchen, as they have a different design and many colors. The price depends on the quality of the material, filters, motor, control methods.

Operating modes of kitchen hoods

The cost of hoods depends on the number of device modes, the simplest and cheapest ones work only in the hood mode, they do not have any filters. They draw dirty air into the ventilation system and let fresh air into the room.

But in recent years, models without filters have become less and less common on the market, usually they are still equipped with synthetic or metal meshes. The "retraction" mode is turned on when cooking and the appearance of an unpleasant odor, the appearance of steam and to prevent overheating.

If this mode is not enough for cleaning, then it is better to purchase devices with air recirculation that contain both types of filters. It is often used in cold weather to keep the heat in the room.

Choosing an easy-to-manage model

However, modes and filters are not all that determine the parameters of the models; it is important to watch a video on how to choose a hood for the kitchen, which additionally describes how to control this device.

Additional functions 

Such functions are available only in expensive models, you will have to pay extra for them, so at first you should think about how much they will be needed during operation. You can see a photo in advance, how to choose a hood for the kitchen, compare the characteristics of various models, additional functions. For example, “Residual stroke" is a function that ensures the operation of the hood at low speed for several minutes, maximum 15, until it turns off completely. This feature may seem insignificant, but it helps to completely clean the air. “Interval activation” is the operation of the hood every hour for several minutes, that is, it automatically turns on and operates at a minimum performance to maintain clean air in the room and fresh air.

But first you need to decide on the dimensions of the hood, they must correspond to the parameters of the plate. This is the first sign that influences the choice. Only after that you should pay attention to the performance and number of motors, the presence of filters or the possibility of installing them, additional functions. Naturally, choose the hood that suits the design of the kitchen and is affordable.