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How to choose a SLR camera: Canon or Nikon?


For most newcomers to the world of photography, the question of how to choose a SLR camera comes down to a dilemma: "Canon or Nikon?" In short, with the current level of technology, there is no difference in terms of quality. The difference that is believed to be in the frames is due only to the quality of the hands of those who hold the camera. If you start talking about the masters of photography, no one will remember what cameras they had (often neither Canon nor Nikon).

Of course, there are objective differences both between cameras from different companies and within the line of one manufacturer, but for every advantage you can find a drawback. It’s easier to immediately come to terms with a simple fact: a camera that is perfect in every sense simply does not exist.

If you are thinking about how to choose a camera for beginners, feel free to cross out professional models for yourself. The functions present in semi-professional models will be enough for you for a long time.

How to choose a SLR camera: Canon or Nikon?

How to choose a semi-professional SLR camera, and why you need it

Semi-professional DSLRs fall somewhere between the expensive and highly functional professional DSLRs and budget entry-level DSLRs. The first thing you need to pay attention to when you are puzzled by the question of how to choose a semi-professional SLR camera is the name of the package. There are three options in stores:

  • body – only the camera (you will need to choose the lens yourself later);
  • kit – includes a camera and a standard (kit) lens;
  • doublekit – a camera with two whale lenses.

Whale lenses rarely pay off in the long run, because often the cheapest optics are included, for example, the EF-S 18-55, which gives average results. Distortion makes it difficult to shoot facial portraits. Distant subjects are also difficult to capture. In addition, only about three times the zoom will be a blow to those who make the transition from the soap box.

If you have firmly decided that it is easier and more convenient with a kit lens, look towards the EF-S 18-135. It is more expensive, but also more versatile, that is, the range of focal lengths will be greater. The quality of the picture does not change much for the better.

For some time now, manufacturers have offered in some models such a function as shooting video. For some, having one is an added bonus. If you do not need the possibility of video shooting, choose models in which it is not presented, so as not to overpay for nothing. In general, always try in your choice to stop at a DSLR that best suits your photography goals.

How to choose a SLR camera: Canon or Nikon?

For whatever purpose you choose a DSLR, there is a fundamental list of criteria.

5 characteristics that should be decisive in the choice:

  1. Price. Clearly determine the budget before going to the store, taking into account the fact that accessories are required for the camera (photo backpack, protective filter, flash drives, etc.). The price of repairs inevitable in the distant future will also depend on the type of camera.
  2. Matrix resolution. Don’t be fooled by advertising gimmicks that promise better quality at more megapixels, unless you’re planning on printing your photos in a huge format. Ten megapixels is enough for standard tasks.
  3. Matrix sensitivity. This is an important parameter for those who often take pictures in twilight and dimly lit rooms.
  4. Weight and size. Often, the larger and heavier the camera, the better, but in everyday life it becomes simply inconvenient, especially for girls. In principle, all semi-professional DSLRs are average in weight category.
  5. Convenience. The surest recommendation at all times is to buy the camera that "fits in your hand."

Print out this list and take it to the store. Feel free to ask the consultant to compare models that seem indistinguishable to you according to these five criteria, and choose which camera is better to buy.

How to choose a SLR camera: Canon or Nikon?

How to choose a Canon DSLR

The choice for beginners is quite wide. How to choose a Canon SLR camera if you are lost with such a variety of choices? You can just stop at one of the most popular models.

For example, Canon EOS 700D is recognized by experts as the best among cameras under a thousand dollars. And the quality of the pictures, and the ability to hold a charge for a long time, and the ergonomics of this model speak in favor of this opinion.

There is a more budget option – Canon EOS 550D – a long-liver on the market with an excellent technical basis that allows you to use all modern optics in the kit. The Canon EOS 600D (an upgraded 550D with a swivel display and a higher quality body) and the Canon EOS 1100D (slower, but at the same time cheaper) are at about the same level.

Over time, new and new models appear. Keep an eye on the ratings in photo magazines – you may like some model that is not on this list, and it will be even easier for you to decide how to choose a Canon SLR camera. All Canon cameras are good in their own way. Make a conscious choice based on your budget and ask yourself a series of questions: do you choose a camera for landscape photography or do you want to take portraits of your children at home? Decide on a priority direction before choosing a specific model.

How to choose a SLR camera: Canon or Nikon?

How to choose a Nikon SLR camera

The question arose, how to choose a Nikon SLR camera if you are just starting to photograph? From the semi-professional level DSLRs of this manufacturer, you can choose a model of the popular line: Coolpix P340, CoolpixP530, CoolpixP600, CoolpixP7800, Coolpix P330, Coolpix P520 and Coolpix P7700. Compact and lightweight, they are the perfect choice for travel enthusiasts.

How to choose a Nikon SLR camera depends on the type of shooting you prefer. For example, for those who intend to focus on shooting sports, it is important to choose a model that has more focus points. Fit NikonD7000, D800, D300s.

If this is your first camera and you are on a bit of a budget, the Nikon D3300 is a good choice. Perhaps this is the most budgetary DSLR recommended in the line. Despite some drawbacks, such as the lack of a swivel display and limited lens support, the camera remains a great option as a first SLR. The Expeed 4 processor, which provides lightning-fast operation of the camera, a good ISO range, a built-in rangefinder and other features will please beginners.

How to choose a SLR camera: Canon or Nikon?

And the last thing to consider when buying: accessories for cameras from different companies are not interchangeable. This is especially important to consider when buying a body camera if you are already dreaming of a particular lens of a particular brand. Also, ideally, you will develop as a photographer and one day want to buy a more professional camera. Assembling the whole set again will be costly in terms of both time and money spent. When choosing a model, you should not overpay both for options that you do not need now, and for kit components that may not be useful in the future.