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How to choose a tripod for your camera?



The key to productive photography is a good stable tripod accessory. The rating of the best tripods can help in choosing this device. When choosing, keep in mind that the best tripod is not the one that is the most expensive, but the one that meets your requirements and preferences.

Popular models and brands of tripods

The Sony VCT-R100 is one of the photographers’ favorite choice for low cost and good quality. The product is quite stable, but its maximum height is only 1 meter. The model is suitable for cameras weighing no more than 1.2 kilograms. 

How to choose a tripod for your camera?

Sirui T-005X+C10X is designed for professionals. This model is interesting in that it provides a wide range of colors, while other manufacturers are limited to black only. The maximum load is 4 kilograms. The body is made of aluminum alloy, which ensures its lightness – 900 grams. The maximum height is 1.15 meters and the minimum height is 10 centimeters. 

Benro A-300EX can withstand a load of 4 kilograms. The maximum height is 139 centimeters. Interestingly, the legs of the model can be fixed at different angles: 24, 55 and 80 degrees. Despite the retractable legs, the design is very stable.

Vanguard Alta+204 AP has a detachable 3D head. The legs are made up of 4 sections, making the tripod slightly unstable after years of use. The maximum load is 2 kilograms.

How to choose a tripod for your camera?

The choice of a tripod is an important moment in the professional activity of a photographer. Therefore, when choosing such an accessory, several characteristics should be considered. One of the most important features is the possible load. To do this, the buyer should weigh his camera and match it with a tripod, depending on its weight.

Also, for comfortable use of the accessory, you will need to measure your height and choose the appropriate design minus 10-11 centimeters. Also, when choosing, you need to pay attention to stability, which is provided by weight, the number of sections in the legs, and the material. One of the most important parts of a tripod is the head, which can be removable or non-removable. The convenience of a removable head lies in the possibility of its replacement. 

How to choose a tripod for your camera?

How to choose a tripod for your Canon camera: top features

Usually, when buying a tripod for a Canon camera, professional photographers are urged to pay attention to its standard characteristics, namely its weight, stability, shooting height, type of locks needed to fix the tripod legs in the rear position, head type, value for money. 

The first step is to pay attention to the weight of the device. It is worth considering that the larger the mass, the more stable the structure will hold, that is, there will be no vibration in the wind and the pictures will be better. However, a heavy tripod is very difficult to carry around all the time. The optimal weight is considered to be 1.5-2 kilograms.

The second important characteristic is stability. Many pros argue that good designs should not have a center column, as it causes vibration when shooting. However, this element has its advantages, for example, the central column can be twisted and turned upside down, which allows you to minimize the shooting height. 

This video shows how to choose a tripod? Buy a tripod for the camera. Required characteristics.

The height of the fixture should match the height of the photographer in order to take high-quality pictures, if your camera is not equipped with a rotating head.

How to choose a tripod for a Canon camera: other features

Among the other characteristics for the successful selection of a tripod for Canon, the following stand out.

To choose the best tripod option for a Canon camera, the photographer must personally determine the optimal design parameters for himself. The best option would be to buy a stable fixture, but in this case, the photographer runs the risk of inconveniently carrying a bulky and heavy accessory.

How to choose a tripod for your camera?

How to choose a tripod for a SLR camera: manufacturer

Most of the models presented in stores are of the Chinese nature of the assembly, which significantly affects its functionality and quality. Such an offer is due to the fact that professional photographers rarely turn to such an accessory as a tripod, relying solely on their own strengths. This creates a low demand for tripods, as a result of which there is a decrease in supply, as large firms do not want to suffer losses due to the competition of their expensive products with cheaper Chinese counterparts. 

According to professionals, when choosing such an accessory, preference should be given to such companies as Feisol, GreenBean, Velbon, Benro, Continent, Sony, Slik, Gitzo, Manfrotto. However, on the shelves of Russian stores, not the full range of the model range of these manufacturers is presented.