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How to choose a used Macbook and not make a mistake?


Should you buy a used Macbook?

Every year, the technology manufactured by Apple is becoming more popular and in demand. A couple of years ago, this was mainly about smartphones. However, today the general popularity has touched the Macbook. Every second person dreams of becoming a happy owner of this beautiful and multifunctional gadget. But the cost of a brand new Macbook model is so high that not everyone can afford it. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. You can buy a used Macbook for a surprising price. The main advantage of this method is that the laptops of this American manufacturer practically do not wear out over time. And in terms of performance and reliability, older models of equipment sometimes even prevail over new options. And there are many reasons for this.

How to choose a used Macbook and not make a mistake?

Firstly, the technical component of Apple portable computers remains relevant for a long time. Therefore, 2013 laptops can be almost as good as models released in 2018 or 2019. Secondly, Apple computers are always distinguished by their assembly accuracy, their practicality and reliability, and powerful filling. The operating system in them is quite simple and safe, and due to constant updates of the operating system, the speed of the laptop and its functionality are only growing. Thirdly, Apple laptops have a fairly good battery, thanks to which the battery life in them is up to 15 hours. The laptop itself can be in standby mode for almost a month. In general, if you want to buy a used Macbook, you should be prepared for the fact that you will have to take the issue seriously and spend a lot of time checking it.

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How to choose a used Macbook: where to start?

When choosing absolutely any technique, the initial step should be to examine the external indicators. For laptops of this brand, the visual factor plays a paramount role. The fact is that the aluminum case of the Macbook cannot be polished. Therefore, if it already has scratches, then you should either accept this factor, or try to look for equipment without scuffs and scratches. When choosing a used laptop, you need to carefully inspect the top cover. It should be easy to recline with just one touch of a finger.

How to choose a used Macbook and not make a mistake?

At the same time, in the closed position on the laptop there should be no distortions and shifts. Also, when opening and closing, there should be no extraneous sounds and rattling. If such a violation already exists, then you need to understand that such a laptop may most likely need repair. Any repair work on a Macbook is not cheap, so in order to protect yourself from unnecessary spending, it is better to double-check this parameter several times. In addition, it is important that the used laptop you buy has the appropriate documents and the original power adapter. If the laptop also has a warranty card and a check, it’s generally perfect. It is also necessary to clarify the date of purchase of the equipment in order to understand exactly how long it has been in operation.

How to check a used Macbook before buying?

When viewing ads on sites, posts with offers with clearly underpriced prices should be a cause for doubt. If the laptop does not cost that much, then most likely it has a breakdown, no charger, and possibly even a blocked iCloud. If in the ad, on the contrary, the price of a laptop is too high, then you should ask for what reasons. In some cases, the inflated price is due to the installed SSD or the added bar of RAM. It is best to choose those offers whose price is in the middle segment. It is mandatory that the ad contains the maximum number of photos of the laptop and its description. Often in ads, sellers indicate the serial number of the laptop. This is very good, because by the serial number you can find out details about a particular product, find out its exact characteristics and release date. After choosing a suitable ad for the sale of a used laptop, you can already contact the sellers and make an appointment with him. At the same time, it is better to choose a crowded place for this, where there is Wi-Fi and access to power.

How to choose a used Macbook and not make a mistake?

What surprises can lie in wait in a used Macbook?

When buying a used Macbook, it is very important to check its iCloud passwords. A laptop prepared for sale should not have passwords when entering a user account, iCloud and firmware. The absence of all these blocks may indicate that such a portable computer is clean and not tied to any users. In addition, it can secure in the future from remote blocking of the device. To get complete information about the purchased device, you need to take a flash drive with programs to a meeting with the seller. Just a couple of free programs on a flash drive (Mactracker, Macs Fan Control, Coconutbattery, Blackmagic Disk Speed ​​Test) will help you get information about when the laptop was bought, what version it is and when its warranty expires. It is also very important to check the condition of the hard drive, because it affects the speed of the computer. You can do this with the useful Blackmagic Disk Speed ​​Test app. thanks to it, in just a few minutes, accurate data on the speed and operation of the laptop will be obtained.

How to choose a used Macbook and not make a mistake?