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How to choose a washing machine. We are looking for a model that is reliable and suitable for you


No modern housewife can imagine life without a washing machine that washes, rinses, bleaches, wrings and dries clothes, and it can easily cope with any kind of fabric. According to statistics, most people who want to purchase such equipment rely on the advice and opinions of sales assistants, but how to choose a washing machine to your liking? Which manufacturer to give preference to, what features to pay attention to?

Dimensions and types of washing machines

Before buying, be sure to decide where the equipment will stand. If the place for it is limited, then be sure to take measurements so that after the purchase it does not turn out that the washing machine does not fit. Now the stores offer a large selection of super-narrow and full-fledged models, the width can vary from 40 to 60 cm, height up to 85 cm, and depth – 32-60 cm. Standard sizes: 85x60x60, compact 67x51x45, and narrow 85x60x32.

But each type of washing machine has its own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Top-loading models are more reliable and durable than front-loading models, since the axle is mounted on two shock absorbers. Linen is placed on top, and during washing, some things can be removed or added. But there are also disadvantages: firstly, models with this type are quite expensive, and secondly, they do not have an upper shelf, that is, nothing can be put on top either during washing or after.

  • Machines with front, that is, side loading, enjoy more

    How to choose a washing machine. We are looking for a model that is reliable and suitable for youattractiveness due to its modern design, low cost and ease of integration into furniture. But remember that the lid opens 180 degrees from the side, that is, you will need additional space. There are many more models of this type on the home appliance market than with vertical loading.

  • Narrow machines will be ideal for a small family where you do not need to constantly do a lot of washing. They do not take up much space and can easily cope with a small amount of clothes, usually the maximum load is from 3 to 5 kilograms, and standard ones can hold up to 9 kg.

Tank material and washing delicacy

Pay attention to the drum and tank of the washing machine. It should not spoil the linen, no matter what mode you choose. The material from which this piece of equipment is made is stainless steel with a special coating. If it is performed poorly, then the machine can roll up fabrics, stretch and even tear clothes.

The vehicle tank is another detail that needs attention. For example, before choosing an LD washing machine, you need to know that the material for this component can be stainless steel, plastic or enamelled steel. The most expensive models of this company have a stainless steel tank, and the cheapest ones are made of plastic. According to the manufacturers, a stainless steel tank can be used for at least 80 years.

However, if the budget does not allow you to buy an expensive model, then you can opt for plastic, especially since it also has a long service life – 20 – 25 years, the material endures high temperatures, the effects of chemicals and detergents, is resistant to corrosion.

Programs, modes and functions for washing and management

A modern washing machine can have a maximum of 16 programs, and they are the same for all manufacturers, you only have to get used to different names. But, as a rule, about 4-6 are used: washing things made of wool, cotton, linen, white linen, delicate fabrics and children’s clothes. That is why you should not strive to purchase a model with the maximum number of modes, because, most likely, they will not be useful to you, but you will have to pay for them.

Models of automatic machines also differ in functions. Now many manufacturers have begun to abandon the "drying" mode, because at high speeds the linen dries wonderfully, it can be ironed right away. But if you still need this function, then choose a machine in which there are separate switches for drying.

About manufacturers and price categories

If you have already decided on the dimensions and functions of the machine, then decide how much you are willing to spend. It will depend on which price category you will make a choice.

All automatic machines are usually divided into three types by cost: low, medium and premium.

  • The low price category includes all models whose cost does not reach 12 thousand rubles. Manufacturers focus on quality, convenience and simplicity. Of course, there will be no new functions and additional parameters, but the device will still be of high quality. In this segment, you can learn how to choose a Samcung, Beko, Ardo, Mabe, Daewoo washing machine. In this class, Samcung cars are considered the leaders of sales: WF 8590 NMW9, WF 0592 SRK, WF 9592 SQR. If you decide on such an acquisition, then remember that, for example, the WF 8590 NMW9 model, which belongs to this class, costs about 11 thousand rubles, but is not inferior to washing machines in the middle segment.
  • The middle price segment is represented by models from LG, Zanussi, Siemens, Ariston, Bosch and other manufacturers. The cost of equipment is from 12 to 25 thousand rubles. Here, special attention should be paid to LG direct drive models, which have a high level of reliability, and the technology has 66 patents. The rotation is not transmitted through the belt and pulleys, but directly, that is, excess vibration and unpleasant noise disappear, less energy is consumed. The manufacturer is so confident in the models created using this technology that it gives them a 10-year warranty. One of the most popular models is the LG F1256 MD washing machine, it has a front-loading type of laundry with intelligent control, there are child protection programs, the maximum load is 5.5 kg.
  • The premium class cannot boast of diversity, like low or medium, but in this price category I would like to tell you how to choose a Bosch washing machine, the drum of which is created using the unique WarioSoft technology. The ideal option would be Bosch WAS – ultra-modern models, the cost of which is in the range of 30-35 thousand rubles. These washing machines are equipped with all modern features and the latest technical developments.

Additional tips for choosing an automatic machine

Before making a choice in favor of a particular model, pay attention to three more parameters:

  • Energy class. The most economical ones are denoted by the letters A and B, the middle ones – D, E, C, and the equipment F and G consumes the most energy.
  • Additional functions. Do not rush to overpay for them, think about how often you will use them, you may not need them at all.
  • The amount of water per cycle, that is, how much water the machine consumes in one wash. Pay special attention to this item if you have water meters installed.

Read reviews before choosing a washing machine. Know that it is far from always possible to trust the seller, because his main goal is to sell. Stop your choice on several models and read what the owners write about them, how easy the equipment is to use, whether breakdowns are frequent, how noisy it is, etc.

The choice of a washing machine depends on many nuances and personal preferences. For the future owner, the main thing is to decide on the technical characteristics, manufacturer, price segment and functions of the washing machine.

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