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How to choose an antenna amplifier?


Today, every home has a TV, many residents of our country can no longer imagine their lives without it. But, many of us are faced with poor picture quality on the TV. The ideal solution to this problem would be to purchase an amplifier. But, it should be borne in mind that choosing an antenna amplifier is not so simple, you need to prepare for this and learn about the most popular models.

Which antenna amplifier to choose for your TV?

If you do not know how to choose an antenna amplifier for a TV, then it is better not to experiment in this matter, but to follow the advice of experts.

How to choose an antenna amplifier?

Before choosing a device model, a person must take into account several characteristics:

  • approximate distance to the transmitting station;
  • frequency range;
  • type of installed antenna.

Distance. According to experts, an acceptable distance can be called an indicator of 150 kilometers. But, this indicator is controversial, since much in this matter is determined by the type of terrain, as well as the power level of the television tower. In simple words, if the house is in a lowland, then the signal level will be poor, even if the device itself is not far from the repeater. In this case, the best way to solve the problem is to install the mast under the antenna.

purity range. Based on this criterion, we can conclude that wide-range devices are significantly inferior to narrowly focused models. But, in this case, it is also necessary to take into account the nature of the area.

The AMP101 model from GAL receives a lot of positive feedback. This amplifying device can be used both in a big city and in country houses, for example, in the country.

The device is configured by selecting the required type of amplifier. As a rule, sellers give a few days to buyers so that they, in turn, can install and check the level of operation of the equipment. As practice shows, during tuning it is necessary to slightly change the gain by adjusting the supply voltage level. But, this indicator should be adjusted very carefully so as not to spoil the amplifying equipment.

Watch the video on how to choose an antenna amplifier.

Recommendations on which antenna amplifier to choose for digital TV

Experts have identified several reasons that can provoke poor picture quality:

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of devices for digital TVs. Many users leave good reviews about SWA devices. Such devices are considered the main ones for the well-known "Polish" antennas or "grids". This device performs well at long distances. Another of the main positive characteristics should be attributed to its ability to withstand close lightning discharges.  

No less popular is the model of the device T2 "Keg". This device was created specifically for the purpose of maximizing signal amplification and its further transmission to a digital tuner. For more efficient operation, experts strongly recommend mounting the barrel immediately after installing the antenna. The device works through a digital prefix T2.

How to choose an antenna amplifier?

A similar model of the device is the T2 tuner amplifier. It is installed to amplify the signal and transmit it directly to an external digital tuner. This device compensates for the loss of signal quality that is broadcast in the cable, and also normalizes signal-to-noise indicators. It is better to install it in front of the tuner itself.

To minimize the noise level, as well as reduce losses in the cable that leads to the amplifier, it is desirable to attach the latter directly to the antenna. When buying such a device, the kit includes a consumer guarantee, which indicates the possibility of returning the equipment back to the store and receiving funds back in case of a breakdown, as well as if the model was not chosen correctly. That is why you can safely buy this device and absolutely not worry if it does not suit you.

The most popular types of amplifiers

If you do not know how to choose a TV signal antenna amplifier, then be sure to consider the following parameters of this device:

  • coefficient, which is measured in decibels;
  • noise level;
  • supply voltage indicator;
  • the amount of current used.

When choosing a device, consider the noise level, it is better to buy models with the lowest rate. But, as for the gain, this figure should be as high as possible. The device must be selected so that, as a result, the signal that will go to the input gives the highest quality picture.

Today there are two main types of these devices:

The latter are designed to amplify cable television, and they can simultaneously broadcast it to several TVs at once.

How to choose an antenna amplifier?

Often, amplifiers are sold with a power supply. Its power consumption level is approximately 10 W, it must be connected directly to the network. The power supply can be mounted, by the way, in it voltage stabilization occurs due to pulse-width modulation.

The most popular models include the following options:

  • Alkad amplifiers. The advantage of these options can be called four inputs, which makes it possible to simultaneously connect to several TVs. In addition, in such models, if necessary, it is possible to adjust the gain;
  • equipment from the Lithuanian company Terra. This company produces multi-output models that can receive signals from several antennas at once. 

It is safe to say that the amplifier is an indispensable device, thanks to which it is possible to improve the signal reception from the TV tower by several times.