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How to choose the best e-book?


The popularity of reading does not decrease every year, despite the fact that much fewer people go to libraries. The love of reading and new technologies are intertwined today in a single device – an electronic book in which hundreds of different works can be stored.

What is an e-book?

An e-book is a fairly popular device for reading text documents in various formats (PDF, RTF, DOC, FB2, EPUB). Many still do not understand what an e-book is, and stubbornly do not want to notice it. However, it is worth noting that this gadget is an excellent alternative to paper publications due to its great functionality and ease of use. And if you are at a crossroads, not knowing which book to choose – paper or electronic, try both options, and then you can decide.

The impetus for the emergence of a new type of device was the invention of electronic ink. The new technology was called E-link, and was distinguished by unique characteristics. Electronic ink allows you to recreate text and images comparable to ordinary printed pages. The main advantage of the technology is the absence of eye fatigue when reading from the E-link screen, which is typical for devices equipped with standard LCD displays.

How to choose the best e-book?

Modern e-readers have optimal sizes, designed taking into account human physiology, impressive autonomy and high mobility. A lightweight gadget is very convenient to take on trips, because it can replace the entire home library. For most users, the best e-reader is a device that fully meets the requirements.

Choosing an e-book according to its main characteristics

In order to choose the right e-book, you need to study in detail the main characteristics of the device. The main differences between most popular models come down to the following parameters:

The size

There are both compact models with low weight and screen size, and full-size options. The compact version is better suited for business trips and reading in public transport. The most popular are medium-sized gadgets with a lightweight body.

Display Diagonal

  • 6-7 inches is a standard screen. This is the most requested option.
  • 5 inches is a compact screen. These are less popular compact books, because in the segment of devices with a diagonal of 5 inches, smartphones hold the lead.
  • 8 inches is a big screen. A diagonal larger than 8 inches is quite rare, the reason is the higher cost, although reading from such a screen is more comfortable.

Screen resolution

The standard value for most devices is 800×600 pixels. Higher resolution is used on models with larger displays. As a rule, this characteristic does not affect the choice of an e-book.


The presence of a touch screen allows you to implement control, reminiscent of paging through a regular book. But at the same time, touchscreen gadgets are less practical (the screen gets dirty quickly and is more sensitive to damage and external influences). Push-button control is much more practical and reliable, which is why most devices are equipped with it.

How to choose the best e-book?

Display type

Recently, a lot of devices made using the LCD screen have appeared on the market. Popularity is due to the lower price and a large number of additional features (for example, viewing multimedia files). However, reading from such a screen puts a lot of strain on the eyes, and the increased power consumption significantly reduces the autonomy of the device. Currently, it is quite difficult for such devices to compete with tablets.

A separate niche is occupied by e-books with a color Elink screen. But the rather high price and long page changes prevent the wide distribution of this option.


As a rule, most devices are equipped with a built-in memory of 512MB, sufficient for occasional use. To store a large amount of information, the installation of memory cards from 1 to 32 GB is provided. This is enough to download more than 20,000 books. If the gadget will be used to listen to music, you must select a card with the largest amount of memory.

How to choose an e-book by additional characteristics?

Before choosing an e-book, ask yourself the question: "Why do I need it"? If it will only serve as a book, then you do not need to overpay for additional functions. But it is important to remember that the ease of reading depends on the presence of some additions.

e-book format

Most devices work great with all popular formats: HTML, TXT, FB2, RTF, PDF. At the same time, many users are disappointed with poor-quality display of PDF files. But it is necessary to take into account the fact that this standard was originally developed for the capabilities of personal computers and is not intended for reading from mobile devices. Of course, when answering the question of which e-book to choose, you can recommend a device that supports this format, but with the proviso that reading will be hampered by the constant increase in text fragments and its incorrect display.

Archive support

There are options that tear off files compressed with archiver programs, this can significantly save space in the device’s memory.

Music playback

Most e-books do an excellent job with the function of an MP3 player, which significantly expands the possible scope. On sale there are models with both a standard 3.5 headphone jack and built-in speakers.


This feature will definitely come in handy for users who are learning a foreign language, allowing you to read and listen to a book at the same time. Some models do not quite correctly manage audiobooks, but, as a rule, this is not critical.

Displaying photos and pictures

This function is best handled by devices with an LCD screen. More popular models with E-link technology also allow you to view JPEG files (of course, in black and white).


The voice recorder built into the e-book is rarely used, most often students choose this function for parallel recording of lectures.

Internet access

Wi-Fi wireless technology allows the owner of a gadget with an installed module to download books without using a computer. Some manufacturers provide customers with direct access to the e-book store, and the presence of Wi-FI will allow you to download the next novelty anywhere where there is access to the network. Very often, models with an LCD screen run on the popular Android OS, and the owner can fully view websites and communicate on social networks.

How to choose the best e-book?

What should be included in an e-book package?

Of course, each manufacturer himself determines what should be included in the package of the e-book sold, but in the standard version it can be:

  • Books originally loaded into the device’s memory. Many companies that publish e-books offer their customers an additional bonus: popular books by famous writers are already loaded into the device’s memory. By and large, you can download them yourself, but, on the other hand, such an attitude towards the client causes only positive emotions.
  • Cover. The screen of an e-book is exposed to external factors, and one of the most common faults is a broken display. That is why the devices are equipped with a cover or case. An excellent option is a stylish case made of genuine leather, however, if the standard version does not suit you, you can always choose another model of the case, presented in a fairly wide range.
  • Backlight. While models equipped with LCD screens do not need external lighting sources, the more popular e-readers with an E-link screen will require additional accessories for reading in the dark. Usually these are compact flashlights fixed on the body of the device, equipped with a built-in battery. There are many lighting options, and some manufacturers include additional lighting as standard.

Having determined how to choose the best e-book, you can safely go to the nearest electronics store or online store website. Having chosen a specific model, it is necessary to clarify the issues of warranty service, equipment and, of course, prices. The cost of the gadget often depends on the manufacturer and type of display.