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How to choose the right wireless headphones?


The convenience of wireless headphones has become the key to their popularity. Due to the absence of wires, it has become much more convenient for a person to move around the house, in nature or in the gym, listening to an audiobook or music at the same time.

Initially, the sound quality of wireless headphones suffered noticeably, but now the difference in sound quality has noticeably reduced thanks to advanced technology. But until now, deciding which wireless headphones to choose can affect playback quality, so experts recommend listening to music from Hi-Fi or Hi-End systems only through wired headphones.

Varieties of wireless headphones

The choice of wireless headphones is connected, first of all, with the way the signal is transmitted from the source.

Radio earphones

How to choose the right wireless headphones?They have the longest range and can pick up a signal while being 100 m from the transmitter (depending on their model). But the declared range implies open space, and the farther, the worse the sound quality becomes. However, using such headphones in a standard city apartment is ideal, since walls, partitions and furniture do not interfere with the signal. At the same time, interference from numerous household electrical appliances can greatly affect the transmission of the radio signal.

Infrared headphones

In them, the sound signal is transmitted through the infrared port, they are not afraid of electromagnetic interference. But the source and receiver must be in line of sight. These are the cheapest devices, usually the choice of wireless headphones for TV falls on them.

Bluetooth headphones

They are a symbiosis between the two systems described above. They operate only at 10 meters, but they are not afraid of either radio interference or optical barriers. Their significant advantage is that they can be unified with various devices: audio player, smartphone, tablet or PC.


If the buyer is faced with the question of how to choose wireless headphones for a TV, then comparing suitable models, he comes across a number of characteristics, such as sensitivity, impedance (impedance), etc. Basically, these data are guided by specialists who select for work with sophisticated technology necessary device. For the average shopper, some background information and a list of the best wireless earbuds are enough .

  • Sensitivity directly affects the sound volume. The smaller the diameter of the cups, the less sensitive they are. For headphones, the standard sensitivity level is 100 dB, and at a lower value, they will give too quiet sound.
  • Impedance refers to the acoustic power of the device. On conventional headphones, the impedance is 32 ohms, and on those used for better studio work, the nominal impedance is half that.

How to choose the right wireless headphones?

  • The frequency range is the main characteristic that affects the sound quality. The standard value of the frequency interval is from 18 Hz to 20,000 Hz, which may well satisfy the choice of wireless headphones for sports. In professional headphones, the frequency range is wider: from 3 Hz to 120 kHz, although the human ear still does not hear these boundaries. Manufacturers often overestimate the true frequency range in the characteristics of headphones, but in reality it is narrower. Therefore, it is most reliable to personally check the headphones at the time of purchase – low-frequency models will immediately show themselves as distortions, hiss, and creaking playback.
  • The weight. This indicator is quite important because with prolonged use, heavy headphones can tire the neck muscles. Therefore, here the choice is simple: the less weight, the better. But it should be borne in mind that wireless headphones are almost always heavier than ordinary ones, since they still have built-in rechargeable batteries. On average, headphones should weigh no more than 300 g.
  • Capacity and type of batteries. They can be built-in or removable. The latter can be quickly replaced at any time if necessary, but the built-in ones will have to be charged after the expiration of their charge, so for some time you will have to do without music. Therefore, knowing how to choose the right wireless headphones, a person will definitely pay attention to the charging time and the capacity of the built-in battery. After all, there are models that charge for quite a long time. On the websites of online stores or the manufacturers themselves, this data is sometimes not available, there is only an approximate time of continuous operation, which averages 8-12 hours. If the headphones use removable batteries, then it is desirable that they have a common AA or AAA format.

Video about choosing wireless headphones

Tips for Choosing Wireless Headphones

  • The convenience of headphones – the model you like must be tried on on the head, where it should sit easily, without interfering or squeezing the skull, but at the same time not falling and snugly against the ears.
  • For promotional purposes, some manufacturers offer two pairs at once, allegedly for the price of one. If the price suits you, then you can immediately make yourself and your child happy in a small apartment.
  • The battery life, depending on the capacity of the batteries – the longer it is, the more convenient it will be to use the headphones.
  • The sound control located on the cups is convenient because, without being distracted from watching TV, you can instantly adjust the sound.
  • Auto-tuning makes using the headphones much easier than manual tuning with a spinning wheel.

How to choose the right wireless headphones?The characteristics listed above are not very suitable for describing the quality of the sound received. The easiest way to make a final decision is only after actually listening to the chosen headphone model. When choosing wireless headphones, value for money can also be of great importance. You need to consult with the seller or study online opinions about popular models in advance.