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How to connect a business account on Instagram?


Social networks have long ceased to be just a platform for communication, the exchange of various types of data. Such sites are also an excellent way to earn money, for such purposes, many users register their accounts. People sitting on Instagram are engaged in various kinds of commercial activities. This may be the promotion of the company’s website, personal services on the Internet, or even the conduct of any courses. A business profile on Instagram like nothing else contributes to increasing the opportunities for running online stores and the like. All available features and positive aspects of this type of account will be discussed below.

Benefits of having a business account on Instagram

The described type of profile on Instagram has many different features. Some of them are very important and extremely useful, while others, on the contrary, do not have positive properties and are rarely used by anyone. The first category includes adding links to the advertised site. Material «How to make a link in the history of instagram? " has already helped a large number of people to get used to and appreciate this feature.

However, in addition to the above function, the business profile has several others. Some of these are:

All of these functions will be extremely useful for those who want to speed up the promotion of their own page on a social network.

How to make a business profile on Instagram?

Let’s move on to the connection itself. Creating a business profile on Instagram is very simple, the whole process takes little time and takes place in three stages.

Watch the video on how to connect a business account on Instagram through your phone.

First of all, after entering the social network, you need to go to the profile settings. One possible tab would be "Switch to Company Profile". Next, the user will be transferred to the Facebook window. The system will ask you to log in with an account that has access to manage the local company page. If there is no such page, then you will have to create it right away, because without it you will not be able to connect a business profile on Instagram.

The next step is to allow access. The Instagram account should be able to manage the Facebook page. For those who do not know how to link an instagram account to facebook, there is a separate topic dedicated to this issue. It is important to remember that the system provides access not to a personal page (personal), but to one that has the ability to manipulate the company profile.

The final stage. It consists in checking and supplementing information related to contacts on Instagram. Here everything is as simple as in the previous paragraphs. All that is required of the user is to enter the company’s work mail, a telephone number to contact, and an address, if available. All the listed information specified by the owner will be available for viewing to anyone who is on the social network and wants to contact the creator of this account.

Business profile on Instagram is a lot of new opportunities

To improve account promotion on Instagram, many new features have been introduced to the aforementioned network. Among all of them are:

  • communication button;
  • convenient statistical data of all stories;
  • information on the statistics of each publication;
  • the ability to replenish the account in your personal account for advertising;
  • the possibility of promoting Stories through the application.

The first function is communication. As soon as the user specifies all the information when creating a business account, subscribers or representatives of other resources will be able to use them. The "Call" button will display the number that was originally specified on the screen. After that, the device will go to the applications for calls.

The same system is in place for e-mail. Users will be transferred to the application on the device, which will already create a new letter.

If the owner has entered a physical address in the space provided, Google Maps will provide location information when clicking on "Getting Directed". All this will allow you to quickly contact the user.

The next option is general statistics. Instagram’s main menu will have a new button that looks like a chart. Clicking on it leads to the transition to the window of full statistical data of all posted content. This includes the number of views per week, the number of publications. It is possible to see the number of users who went to the site, called, as well as those who sent email and searched for the location of the company.

How to connect a business account on Instagram?

The function provides the ability to see the most popular entries. The owner will be able, using the filter, to determine the number of likes and other things. Also, the statistics show the number of subscribers who visited the page (you can see the percentage of men and women), as well as from which regions and cities they were the most.

The same applies to time periods. Information about what time of day and days of the week the viewing activity was the highest. All of this information is also available for the single publication statistics feature. Information can be found under the post itself.

The top-up button can be found on the business profile settings panel. The section is called "Payments". The function allows you to replenish the funds of the advertising account without leaving the application. To date, two payment systems are available: using a card and the PayPal resource.

Only one button with the word "Promote" is responsible for promoting the profile. After that, two options for goals will appear in the window: increasing visits to the website and visiting the office or calling the company itself.

Summing up, it is worth saying that creating a business profile on Instagram is not only very simple, but also incredibly profitable. All the features you get greatly simplify the maintenance of the page. New features add certain promotion options not only for the account, but for the entire company.