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How to connect a TV to Wi-Fi and make the necessary settings


What is Smart TV? This is the Internet on a big screen, a symbiosis of the capabilities of a television receiver, a smartphone and a computer, the provision of media content to a wide audience, family video without a disc.

The TV is connected to the Internet both by wires and without them. The basis of wireless connection technologies is Wi-Fi. Network benefits are determined by:

  • no problems with wires;
  • the ability to connect more than one client to the network without additional wiring.

How to connect a TV to Wi-Fi, what will be required for this in practice?

How to connect a TV to Wi-Fi and make the necessary settings

What you need to connect your TV to Wi-Fi

You need a device equipped with HDMI, VGA, AV, USB or RJ-45 sockets and an Internet connection. In this case, you will need a set-top box with a Wi-Fi module. Its type is determined by the type of TV port available. In the case of a USB port, you will need a flash drive – an adapter; if an RJ45 jack is used, a USB adapter is required.

Attachment requirements:

  • minimum size;
  • support for common readable file formats;
  • the presence of built-in memory;
  • expandable memory.

If a Wi-Fi module is already installed on the TV, then the task of connecting is greatly simplified, you only need to have a router with Internet access. Of course, this option is the most successful design, providing a bit rate of up to 300 Mb/s.

How to connect a TV to Wi-Fi and make the necessary settings


It is intuitively clear how to connect a TV set to Wi-Fi. Each connector is connected to its own outlet, the connectors are inserted without voltage, until they click. The network connector is connected to the corresponding socket.

The difficulty can only be in the settings.

TV setup

If you have LG equipment, go to the menu item: "Network settings", set "wireless".

Option 1. From the list of access points, select the name of the network, set a password for it, using the remote control and menu prompts, click "OK". Then you need to wait for the results of the check, proceed further according to the suggestions from the screen. As a result, a message about connecting to the network will be displayed on the screen and the signal strength icon will appear.

Option 2. Suitable for a router equipped with a WPS (secure setting) button. The corresponding item in the settings menu is selected. On the router, press and hold the WPS button for about 15 seconds, and the setup happens automatically.

Option 3. Select the "Ad-hoc network" settings item to connect the machine directly to a computer if Internet access is not required.

If the manufacturer of your TV is Samsung, then the first two connection options are completely the same, two new methods appear: “One Foot Connection" and “Plug & Access”. Selecting the “One Foot Connection” setup mode does not require additional costs, but only installing the router near the TV and pressing the “Next” button.

In accordance with the “Plug & Access” technique (should be provided by the router), the USB flash drive is inserted into the router, you should wait for the indicator to stop flashing, pull it out and insert it into the Smart TV. The connection is established automatically.

How to connect a TV to Wi-Fi is now not difficult. This setting, like other television functions, is carried out by the remote control through the menu. By choosing the right connection, you can use all available resources.

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