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How to connect an HDMI cable to a TV and which cable to use?


Even 30-40 years ago, the presence of a color TV at home was not taken for granted. But today there is television in almost every home, and some install a receiver in every room. But by themselves, these devices do not work, a signal is needed.

Connecting a regular cable

The signal to the TV can come from different sources. For example:

  • indoor antenna,
  • outdoor Antenna,
  • satellite TV system,
  • media players.

In a new apartment or when moving a TV receiver, it is connected to a conventional antenna, you can even make an antenna for a TV with your own hands. But before you connect the cable to the TV, you must select this cable. What should be taken into account?

  1. External diameter – not less than 6 mm.
  2. Resistance – 75 Ohm.

You also need to choose the F-plug of the desired diameter. After that, the plug is wound onto the cable: a few centimeters of the sheath are removed with a clerical knife; the foil and copper braid (if any) are turned away; then half of the unfolded foil is wrapped back for better contact with the plug.

That’s all, now you need to wind the first half of the plug, bite off the central core, leaving 3 cm, and put on the second part of the plug.

How to connect an HDMI cable to a TV and which cable to use?

How to connect an HDMI cable to a TV

The signal to the TV can come from a computer, laptop or set-top box. In these cases, you need to connect an HDMI cable to the TV. It’s pretty easy to do this:

  1. It is necessary to choose an HDMI wire (version 1.4 and higher is better).
  2. On the TV and in the device that is connected, you need to find an HDMI output.
  3. Since the cable is the same on both sides, it is simply plugged into the desired socket.

After turning on the devices, the screen may display “no signal" or “cable not connected”, etc. In this case, press the Source button on the TV remote control and select the desired one from the proposed options – HDMI1 or HDMI2, depending on which socket is used.

How to connect an HDMI cable to a TV and which cable to use?

Lengthen or increase

There are situations when the TV needs to be moved to another place in the room or even outside it, and the length of a conventional TV cable is not enough. What cable to connect the TV in this case? The same, only lengthening it.

To do this, you can use a soldering iron and solder the central cores of the two wires. And you can purchase a special detachable connection, two parts of which are wound onto the ends of the cords in the usual way, and then connected using a thread on them. This method is more aesthetic, but if you intend to hide the wires, for example, under the baseboard, then you can use the first method.

Having fairly simple equipment and the necessary materials at hand, you can not call a television master, but connect the receiver yourself. This will save you money and perhaps even time and nerves.

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