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How to create a blog on the Internet from scratch


What is a blog?

Internet diaries, or blogs, are a popular medium for sharing information. Mostly posted on specialized sites, where the owners of popular accounts turn their diaries into real media that allow them to change public opinion.

Every day more and more people are interested in blogging – among them there are many politicians, famous businessmen, singers and actors. There are a lot of popular bloggers and those who came to this business “from the street", but managed to promote their magazine. This article will show you how to create a blog on the Internet.

Ready Blog Services

How to create a blog on the Internet from scratch

At the service of Internet users, there are both ready-made blog engines that can be installed on hosting, and resources where the user is only required to register an account. Let’s consider both options in more detail:

Ready-made blog services. They have the following benefits.

1 To register an account in the system and create a journal, no knowledge of how to create a blog on the Internet is required.

2 As a rule, such portals are a whole community. The owner of a newly minted blog can immediately join interest clubs, chat in the comments, and find new friends. All this helps to attract visitors to the page.

How to create a blog on the Internet from scratch

Some portals offering these services:

  • (LiveJournal, LJ) The largest of these websites. It has a truly huge audience, which allows you to both enjoy communicating with a huge number of different people and promote your diary. There is a wide functionality: it is possible to add other users as friends and place Google contextual advertising. Also one of the advantages of this service is its fast indexing in search engines. In other words, what you write on your blog will appear in the search engine database very quickly.
  • Russian site, has a similar LiveJournal functionality. However, many things are not implemented as well as those of the "big brother".
  • is the oldest runet blog service with its own engine.
  • is Google’s free blogging portal. It has a wide range of options for personalizing pages.
  •, beon. ru and others are youth and subcultural blog services. Children and teenagers will like it, as they have a pronounced thematic focus.

    How to create a blog on the Internet from scratch

Ready engines for creating a blog

In addition to free sites that offer us to use their services to create a full-fledged blog page, there are also ready-made blog engines. Their advantages:

1 More advanced page personalization.

2 You can "hang" on the hosting. This is useful if you want to create a full-fledged website based on a blog.

The disadvantage of this approach is that, firstly, you have to pay for hosting, and, secondly, working with the engine, even if it is ready-made, requires the ability to work with technologies such as FTP and MySQL, and not just the desire to learn how create a blog on the internet.

There are three popular technologies:

  • Data Life Engine. Paid.
  • WordPress. Popular free engine.
  • Joomla. A free engine that is inferior in functionality to WordPress. However, this does not prevent him from gaining more and more popularity.

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