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How to create an account for business on Instagram?


The question of how to create an Instagram account for business should be of interest to all entrepreneurs, because this helps to popularize the brand.

Why create an Instagram business account?

To make it easy for users to distinguish commercial pages from personal pages, a new business profile feature has been offered to all representatives.

The main tasks that it is designed to solve are:

  • conducting a marketing campaign;
  • increase brand awareness and loyalty;
  • establishing communication links with potential customers;
  • increase in sales.

However, this version of the page differs not only in appearance. Those who are interested in how to switch to a personal account on Instagram should be aware of its new features.

Statistics. This one contains:

  • coverage – gives information about the number of people who have already seen the company’s publications;
  • profile view – indicates the number of people who are already familiar with the page;
  • Impressions – the number of all views of existing publications of the company;
  • subscribers – does not indicate specific people, but, at the time when users visit the profile most of all;
  • best posts – informs about the most popular posts;
  • clicks – the number of transitions to the site due to the specified links.

Communication button. To connect with the company, the user uses the "Call" button, and then a standard telephone application will open in front of him, and the call will go. When you select "E-mail", respectively, the mail application will open.

Physical address. A user who wants to know the address of a company can click the "How to get there?" button in her business account. And he will immediately open a Google map, which will indicate the exact location of the store, warehouse or office of the company (of course, if the business representative specifies this information in his settings).

Advertising. Owners of a business account can use the functions: "Visit the site" or "Call the office".

Business category. To promote an account on the network, the user can pay for advertising online. To do this, use the "Payments" section.

Watch the video on how to create an Instagram business account.

Connecting a business account on Instagram

Answering the question of how to convert an Instagram page to a business profile, there are several main steps to implement this task:

The page is ready to use and the user can add posts to Instagram via computer, upload photos or videos, comment on their posts and use other account features.

The same scheme for creating a business profile can be used thanks to the "Store" button. Further, everything is carried out in the same way as in the first case.

Deleting an Instagram business account

Often users are interested in how to delete an Instagram account from a computer. There are two possible ways to do this, however, first you need to find out whether you need to permanently get rid of the account or just temporarily block it.

In order to get rid of it forever, the user must adhere to the following sequence of actions:

  • using a browser, enter your profile;
  • go to the removal page;
  • in order to avoid an error, the user will be prompted to enter a password, as well as indicate the reason for the deletion;
  • Next, you need to click the "Permanently delete account" button.

The site will offer to save all profile photos to your computer before deleting them.

In the event that the password has been lost, the page owner has the opportunity to use the "Forgot your password?" function. By following the detailed instructions that will be displayed on the screen, the user will receive a password with which to delete the profile. If you are interested in how to delete a business account on Instagram using an iPhone, then the following instruction will be useful:

  • find an application that allows you to enter the network;
  • click on the sign and hold it for a few seconds;
  • a cross will appear on the screen (in the upper left), which you need to click on;
  • the action is confirmed using the "Delete" button.

How to create an account for business on Instagram?

If you need to get rid of the company page using Android, then the following steps are performed:

  • entrance to the "Menu";
  • selecting the "Application management" tab;
  • selecting the “Third Party" section, and then “Instagram”;
  • selection and confirmation of deletion.

If the user is interested in how to close an Instagram account from a computer or delete it with the possibility of recovery, then it is appropriate to use such tips.

Thus, the page becomes invisible to other network users, but if necessary, its owner can restore his profile and all previously added photos.

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