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How to delete a message in a group in Viber?


Due to the fact that mobile development does not stand still, a huge number of programs that are really useful in everyday life are released every year. In the form of a separate group, you can select applications that are needed to communicate with other people. These are not exactly social networks, since their main purpose is the exchange of text, voice or video information, when social networks offer us even more various functions. But not everyone is fluent in instant messengers. For example, a very small percentage of users know how to delete messages in Viber for all interlocutors.

Are there any analogues to Viber?

An interesting fact, but not everyone is enthusiastic about Viber, despite all its advantages. This application is worthy of praise from the average user, because it is thanks to such programs that we have the opportunity to contact relatives from anywhere in the world for free.

But unfortunately, not every person can boast of quickly getting used to something new. A huge percentage of users simply cannot accept the interface or the colors of the application itself. Hence the problems associated with the search for alternatives.

Fortunately, for this program, the list of analogues is quite large. And they do not need to think about how to delete all messages in a group in Viber at once.

  • WhatsApp;
  • Skype;
  • Telegram;
  • Line.

WhatsApp vs Viber

We can even say that WhatsApp is the direct and most important competitor for Viber in the mobile application market. Most often, the application is installed by iOS owners, since the application really works better on the "apple" operating system. It is also sometimes difficult to figure out how to delete a message in Viber on an iPhone.

There are differences between these two programs, and what else. The main thing is the ability to make regular and video calls. We can do this on Viber, but not on WhatsApp. But the same functions as in the Viber chat (emoticons, stickers, photos) are also available in WhatsApp.


It is hardly possible now to find a person who does not know about Skype. This is certainly a legendary and popular application among people from many countries. Thanks to Skype, we have the opportunity to communicate with family and friends, being on different parts of the world. All this is only because of the presence in it of the function of audio and video calls. But we use Skype most often because of the functions listed above, since chatting there is not very convenient. Nevertheless, the program has earned the respect and trust of many users, which not all can boast of.


Relatively new and unknown to many users, the application has already earned a sea of ​​​​both positive and negative reviews in its direction. Interestingly, the developer of the telegram is the same person as the creator of the social network VKontakte – Pavel Durov.

How to delete a message in a group in Viber?

One of the distinctive features of the messenger can rightfully be considered the security of personal data distributed to other users. No spyware or spyware will be able to see what you send to a friend there. The only thing that can disappoint the user is the exclusive text communication without the possibility of calls.


This messenger is more common among young people. This is the development of a Japanese company that offers the user a cute application full of cartoon characters (traditional Japanese art) that accompany you everywhere. An interesting experiment for a more mature audience.

How to install Viber?

Installing this application is a simple matter and does not require some incredible skill and ability to work with technology. The only thing you need is a mobile device. For different operating systems, select your application – Play Market, App Store or Windows Market.

Watch the video on how to clear messages in a Viber group.

In the "Search" line, enter Viber. Further, the first in the proposed list will be the application we need. There are absolutely no viruses in the official version of the program, so you can safely download the messenger. But there is no fundamental difference in how to install Viber on a Samsung phone or some iPhone.

How to delete a message in a viber group?

Despite the obvious ease of use, most users cannot figure out the simplest functions of chats without someone else’s help. This also applies to the question of how to delete a message in Viber from an interlocutor.

The fact is that usually when deleting messages in Viber, we have the opportunity to remove them not only from ourselves, but also from the interlocutor. That is, the dialogue is cleared of unnecessary information from both, regardless of the desires of this person.

  • first of all, go to the group chat;
  • find the message you would like to delete;
  • press it with your finger, stay in this position for a couple of seconds (that is, long press);
  • in the window that appears, several items will be located, including "Delete from me" and "Delete everywhere";
  • if you want to delete the message from all members of the group, then select the "Delete everywhere" item. If, on the contrary, only you, then we take "Delete only from me."

If you need to delete the entire dialogue, then just find the group settings, find the “Clear chat" item, click. Then all messages will be deleted. But they will disappear only from you, while the rest of the interlocutors will have access to messages.

How to clear the correspondence in a group in Viber?

This can be done in several ways. The first is deleting all dialogs in the application, the second is deleting a specific correspondence. Obviously, not everyone wants to sacrifice everything for the sake of one chat, so the second option will be the most rational.

In another case, we use the already known rule: in the chat settings (which you want to delete), select the "Clear chat" item.

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