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How to delete an Instagram account if you forgot your password?


More and more people prefer Instagram to other social networks. This was achieved due to the fact that the functionality of this social network was significantly expanded, many additional options appeared, including closed correspondence between users, sending photos and videos to each other, stories and live broadcasts appeared. But, of course, social networks take a lot of time and take up too much space in the life of a modern person. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people are thinking about abandoning Instagram and are wondering how to delete an Instagram account if they forgot their password?

How to delete an Instagram account if you forgot your password?

Giving up social networks in favor of real life, for which, with such a refusal, much more time and energy appears is not so easy. The very process of deleting an Instagram account is very simple, you just need to select the appropriate item in the settings, but how to delete an Instagram account if you forgot your password? In this case, everything becomes somewhat more complicated, let’s consider this issue in more detail.

How to delete a page on Instagram if you forgot your password?

Unfortunately, in order for deletion to be possible, you will first need to access the page. That is, you can’t do without restoring your login data. This rule was introduced for the following reasons:

  • safety. If you didn’t need to log in to make any major changes, then absolutely anyone could erase any profile. Agree that this would bring a lot of inconvenience;
  • promotion. Of course, not a single owner of a social network wants the number of registered users to decrease, therefore, it is expected that a person will restore access, see his publications, scroll through the feed a little and change his mind about deleting;
  • exception of chance. In order to permanently get rid of a profile in this social network, you will need to know a few additional nuances, which will be discussed later.

More and more people are faced with the question of how to delete an Instagram profile if you forgot your password? First, the data will need to be restored, do not worry, there are several ways to do this at once. But many people think – if you forgot your Instagram password, what to do – first of all, do not panic and follow the instructions of the social network, one of the recovery methods will surely suit you.

Watch the video on how to recover your account if you forgot your password.

How to delete an old page on Instagram if you forgot your password?

On many sites, if you have not logged into your profile for a long time, it will be automatically deleted by the moderator. In the case of the application in question, this option is not provided, so even if you last logged in ten years ago, this will not change anything, nothing will disappear automatically.

How to delete an Instagram account if you forgot your password?

In order to figure out how to delete an old page on Instagram if you forgot your password, you should first note that in any case you will need to restore your access. You can use one of several recovery methods offered by this social network and only then proceed with the deletion procedure. Without access to the profile, you will not be able to perform any actions with it, and this, in principle, is quite logical.

There are several options for recovering forgotten login data at once: using the email that was linked to the account, or using the Facebook link that was used when registering in the application.

You can also often hear the question, how to recover a password on Instagram by phone number? This is also possible, and this is perhaps one of the easiest options for changing data, so do not neglect to indicate the phone number or one of the contacts mentioned above when registering, as such a binding can greatly simplify the process of recovering lost login data.

Step by step account deletion process

Let us consider in more detail the process of deleting your own profile and the nuances that may interfere with this process. So, how to delete a page on Instagram if you forgot your password?

Deletion is possible only by the user himself, technical support cannot independently carry out any actions, with the exception of blocking. It is also worth noting that it is possible to edit only the profile on which you are currently located. That is, if you have several accounts at once, then from one of them you will not be able to influence the other, you must first go to the one that you want to change. To go to each of them, their specific identification data is used. Therefore, you cannot change another page if you do not currently have access to it, even if it belongs to you.

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