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How to flash Android: Samsung and HTC


Technical devices running the Android system require upgrading sooner or later. Outdated software has a negative impact on performance, reduces data transfer speed, prevents the processor from working at full capacity, and even affects the ability to hold a battery charge. In addition, the standard firmware does not give the owner some rights and the so-called ROOT access.

How to flash Android OS?

The opinion that the firmware is one and the same for all phones and tablets is wrong. Developers have launched dozens of programs adapted to specific models of tablets and phones. To figure out how to flash an Android-based HTC or any other device model, you need to understand the very essence of the process. And it consists in improving the working functions of the device and bringing them to the maximum level. The firmware program is released by the developer, taking into account all the errors found in the previous software, with an improved interface and a set of useful applications, which allows you to update the functionality of the device, even if this brand is no longer produced.

There are several ways to flash the firmware:

  1. In automatic mode. Within a certain period, the developer provides free updates to users, which the device installs on its own. The update lasts no more than half an hour and does not require manipulation by the owner.
  2. By means of the Internet. Official sites offer device owners to independently download an archive suitable for a specific model. As a rule, such archives go under a password and the key to their activation is IMEI, written on a sticker under the battery.

A minor update of the functions of the device can be obtained through a semi-firmware and installation of programs from the Play Google Market website.

How to flash Android: Samsung and HTC

Preparatory stage of work

Regardless of what device you have, before flashing Android, charge the battery or leave it plugged in, because if the device turns off during operations, then data loss will be irreversible.

Find out the model of your device and its characteristics, then find and download the firmware on the official website of the developer. It is important that the version is fresher than the one you currently have installed.

To be on the safe side, back up your data and transfer it to your computer.

How to flash Android: Samsung and HTC

How to flash a Samsung Android phone

To update the software on the device, you will need to additionally install the ROM Manager application and one of the following programs:

  • Kingo Android ROOT;
  • Unlock-Root;
  • Framaroot;
  • Vroot.

Before flashing Samsumg on the Android platform, install the necessary programs and applications, then launch them and follow the steps clearly:

  1. Place the downloaded zip-archive with the firmware in the memory of your Android device.
  2. Open the ROM Manager application, in the menu, find and run the "Install ROM from SD card" process.
  3. Select a zip archive with the firmware to work with.
  4. In the additional menu that opens, click on the sub-item "Install and reboot". For safety, additionally select the "Keep current ROM" option so that in case of incorrect firmware, you can roll back to the previous version.
  5. On the next question of the system, click "OK" – the device will start the process, which will be indicated by the inscription "Recovery" on the display. During the firmware, the device can not be touched!
  6. Restart the software to update all settings.

If suddenly something went wrong, you can always recreate the latest version of the program from the archive without damaging the data. Android firmware can be done by yourself, since the process itself is simple and requires only careful execution and a zip file with a quality software update.

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