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How to install Instagram app on Windows PC?


Instagram is the social network that is not only on a mobile phone, the developers have worked hard to ensure that people have the opportunity to work with it even on a computer. Therefore, it is now very popular to install Instagram for Windows 7 on a computer in order to make the most of this resource.

Options for installing the Instagram application for windows 7

Today, it is not necessary to have a phone to access Instagram, as it can be done even from a computer. At the moment, there are two ways to install the Instagram application for a windows 7 computer:

How to install Instagram app on Windows PC?

Unofficial version. This option allows you to view photos of your subscribers, write comments on them, and upload photos from your PC. Users call RuInsta one of the popular versions. Installing this version on a PC will take just a few minutes. By default, the Russian version will be initially installed, after that you need to click the "Next" button several times and finally start the program. Then you can already go to your page or create a new one. The developers did a good job on the appearance of the application, so it is completely visually suitable for Windows 7.

Using the emulator. It is best to use BlueStacks for this purpose. The installation process takes place in stages, during which you must always click the "Next" button. Then you should do the following:

By following these simple steps, you will get a complete program for your PC. It will have the same functions and features that you are used to seeing on the screen of a mobile phone, and most importantly, everything will be in Russian. Before holding a contest on Instagram, do not forget that you must prepare good, and most importantly, interesting prizes for your subscribers to motivate them to participate.

Watch the video on how to install Instagram for Windows computer.

Installing Instagram for windows 8 computer

One of the easiest options that will help you download Instagram for Windows 8 is the method of using APK files. In this case, you need to do the following:

It should be said that when you search for Instagram in Bluestacks, you must write everything in English, otherwise the application will not work. And also Instagram Direct for PC allows the user to communicate with their subscribers around the clock.

In order to install Instagram on a PC, you can also use an application such as InstaPic. To do this, you will need to perform the following steps:

If you have not tripled the above options, and you want to try something else, then in no case, do not download “Instagram-" to your PC (meaning with a minus sign). Because it’s a fake, while InstaPic is an unofficial app, it still has all the basic features.

Benefits of using Instagram on a computer

Most users who have already rated such an application on a PC say that the Instagram application for windows allows you to use even more software tools, in particular, such as:

  • a wide variety of effects. You can even use the function to rotate photos 90 degrees;
  • the ability to add a visual effect "Blur" around the edges of photos;
  • make photos brighter and more contrast;
  • decorate photos with frames, upon completion of the filtering process. But, by the way, each of the existing filters will select the frame according to its type and thickness.

You can link pictures to a real location. If necessary, you are allowed to make changes or delete the picture.

Additional features should also include the following functions;

  • using the fourth Instagram button, you can see all the changes that occur in your news feed (who liked which photo, who left a comment);
  • the fifth button allows you to view and, if necessary, edit your own profile.

How to install Instagram app on Windows PC?

Thanks to all of the above features, a person gets an excellent opportunity to spend even more time on Instagram. And searching for people on Instagram by name will allow you to find even more old friends and renew communication with them again.

Features of using emulators on a PC

Initially, the emulator program will run in full screen mode, which will overlap the interface of the underlying PC operating system. If you want to make the use of this program as convenient as possible, you can click the button on the right side, which resembles a double arrow, immediately after that your working window will become much more compact. Then, when using the emulator, to quickly exit the full screen mode, it will be enough to click the F11 button, which is located on the right side of your keyboard. In general, this application opens up opportunities for a person such as:

  • view and leave comments on photos shared by your followers;
  • view the pages of other users;
  • subscribe to other people whose pages you are interested in;
  • communicate in direct with subscribers.