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How to install viber on nokia lumia?


The life of a modern person cannot be imagined without the use of a telephone. But, the developers of mobile companies continue to work on making life easier for a person. So, it was for this purpose that Viber was invented. It will take quite a bit of time to install Viber on Nokia Lumiya, but in the future it will become much easier for you to communicate with your friends and relatives, who are even abroad.

How can I install Viber on my Lumiya phone?

Initially, it will take just a couple of minutes to install Viber on a Nokia Lumiya phone. To do this, follow these steps:

It should be said that the application itself weighs 12 MB, the investigator does not need to connect to the Internet. A very important point is that Viber always asks for a number, and after that it synchronizes with the list of your contacts in the phone book. Therefore, if you change the number in the future, then be prepared for the fact that you will again need to create a new account already for this number. Because access to that record will be blocked.

After you install Viber on your Nokia Lumiya phone, you can immediately use features such as:

  • send messages to other users for free;
  • call people who also have this program installed for free;
  • the ability to send personal photos and videos;
  • you can create chats in which several people will participate at the same time (you can invite up to 40 participants).

As a result, you get a beautiful, and at the same time user-friendly interface in Russian. And you can also forever forget about annoying ads that constantly flicker in other mobile applications. To understand how to install Viber on a Nokia phone, it is best to use official sites, in which case you can protect yourself from fake. Installing the application does not require you to enter logins and passwords, as well as an email address.

Watch the video on how to download store apps for Nokia Lumia.

Features of installing Viber on a Nokia Lumiya 630 phone

When you are trying to figure out how to install Viber on a Nokia Lumiya 630 phone, then, first of all, you need to read the information on the Internet. And it is best to go only to the official pages, so that later there will be no trouble. A characteristic advantage of the program is that it does not require too many resources for itself, in simple terms it can be launched in a few steps.

So, to install Viber on Nokia Lumia 630, you need to follow these steps:

How to install viber on nokia lumia?

After completing all these steps, you should receive a corresponding message on your phone, where the activation code will be indicated. This code will need to be entered in the appropriate field, and then click on the "Login" button. And also, do not forget about the possibility of using data from other social networks, and to enter use them to conduct dialogues with your friends. Once you start using Viber, you will not be able to refuse it in the future.

If we discuss the question of how to install Viber on a Samsung phone, then if you can’t do this process yourself, then you can use the services of special service centers. Employees who literally in a few minutes will be able to solve this problem and thereby make your life much easier.

Why has Viber become so popular?

The developers claim that you can download Viber to a Nokia phone for absolutely any model. Using this app, all your friends and family will be within one normal phone call. The popularity of this application is explained by the following parameters:

  • high sound quality;
  • wide language bar;
  • ease of use.

Particular attention should be paid to sound quality. Even if you don’t have a very good internet connection, you will still be able to hear the person on the other end of the line quite well.

How to install viber on nokia lumia?

Language bar. This program is distinguished by the presence of many languages, or rather, there are 28 of them in Viber. Undoubtedly, among them there is also the Russian language. So, thanks to such a wide language panel, you can easily communicate and collaborate with colleagues and friends who are abroad.

Ease of use. The developers have worked hard to make it as easy for people to use Viber. So, a vivid example of convenience can be called the fact that when someone calls you on Viber, it is not necessary to enter the application to receive an incoming call. So, the corresponding notification will appear on your desktop screen. And to accept or turn off the call, one small touch to the corresponding button on the display is enough.

Regarding how to install Viber on a Nokia Lumiya 520 phone, in principle, the process is no different from the above options. The most important thing for this is to use only official sites. Regarding how to deal with the question – how to delete a message in Viber from an interlocutor, then in this case, you should study in detail all the functions of messages, in particular a chat that does not suit you.