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How to make a private profile on Instagram?


Today, for some people, social networks are an integral part of real life. And just like in real life, not everyone wants others to stick their nose into your personal affairs. Consequently, the popularity of the question of how to close an Instagram account from a computer and phone is increasing.

Instructions on how to close an Instagram profile from your phone

In the process of studying the question of how to make a private profile on Instagram from a phone, the moment of correct execution of actions is very important. So, this procedure consists in performing the following manipulations:

How to make a private profile on Instagram?

It should be said that if necessary, at any time, the user can return to the open status of his profile. To this end, he will need to perform the same manipulations, but at the final stage put an open account icon. You can make your page open or hidden at any time, there are no restrictions on this. As for how to delete an Instagram account from a computer, it’s better not to rush in this matter, but to carefully consider your decision, because in this case there will be no turning back, and the user will have to create a completely new page.

Instructions on how to close an Instagram profile through a computer

First of all, work should start by downloading an emulator that is suitable for the Android operating system. It is best to use BlueStacks, this system allows you to run all the applications that are originally designed for Android on a PC. Then, the essence of the work is reduced to the following actions:

After that, the system will definitely ask you to confirm this operation, you will need to click "OK" again. Immediately the status of your account will be changed to "Hidden". And if you want to additionally get acquainted with the work of Instagram Stories on a computer, then you can read our additional material. Since Stories allow you to share the most important events of your life with your subscribers.

How to make a private profile on Instagram?

Differences between a private and public profile on Instagram

When a person figured out how to make a private profile on Instagram, he immediately sees the differences between an open and a limited account. The most characteristic differences include the following aspects:

  • confidentiality. Subscribers can be automatically added to open pages. When with closed pages, this is impossible to do. First, the person approves the subscriber, and if the outcome is positive, he adds him to his subscribers;
  • unavailability of materials. If any user enters a closed page, then he will not be able to see anything there;
  • all hidden materials do not take part in the general search for information on hashtags.

Watch a video on how to close an Instagram profile.

If you have closed your account, but there are still unwanted users for you, then you can even get rid of them. In this case, you will need to go to the user’s page, then click on the image of three dots at the top of the screen. From the list of features, you need to click "Lock". After that, a person will no longer be able to watch your publications and write comments on them. In addition, all his previous comments and likes are also automatically deleted.

It is safe to say that a closed page is a kind of small world of a person who lets only his closest friends and acquaintances into it. Everyone else, there’s nothing to do there. Additionally, our material will help you to sort out the question of how to get an account on Instagram .

If you want to restrict access to your page to certain users, then you can use the following advice. First of all, you need to select an unwanted user, click on it and hold for a few seconds. Then, you will see a list of tasks, and you only need to select block.

What opportunities does the closed page provide?

As soon as you deal with the question of how to make a private profile on Instagram from a phone or PC, you will immediately see the advantages of this choice:

  • an effective means of protection against unwanted subscribers;
  • strangers will not be able to comment on your photos and posts;
  • you will be able to personally approve each subscriber who wants to be friends with you;
  • the ability to forget about spammers who constantly subscribe to open pages. In simple words, these are profiles of online stores that sell a wide variety of products;
  • your photos and other publications will be blocked in the search for the general hashtag on Instagram. But, keep in mind that this is rather a controversial issue, because if your page has only personal photos, this is very good. But, if you signed up for the purpose of making money to promote your personal brand, then a hidden profile will not justify itself in any way.

If you decide to limit public access to your photos and posts, then be aware that the number of new subscribers may decrease. But, if you initially registered in order to find friends and communicate with them through this social network, then the low number of subscribers should not bother you at all.

Another important point, all publications and pictures for them will be able to comment and like only those subscribers whom you have previously approved. An interesting issue is the search by geolocation. Simply put, if you like a photo from a private profile, that user will not know about it.

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