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How to make a website from scratch on your own?


It is hardly possible to find a person who would not know what Internet sites are. To date, not only the economic, but also the political and even the church sphere has moved to a partially virtual basis. The same applies to the service or sales sector. With the help of the Internet, you can make any purchases, book hotel rooms, purchase tours, etc. Today, almost any type of product can be bought or ordered on the Internet, therefore it is quite obvious that the need for sites of various kinds and directions has increased.

What are the steps to take to create a website?

First of all, it should be understood that each website brings its owner a certain level of income, which is based on its popularity and the number of visits. That is why the creation of your site can be interpreted not as an unreasonable whim, but as a real money-making. Without going into details, we can say that the level of profitability is affected by visits to the resource and the amount of advertising, and these two reasons are interconnected.

How to make a website from scratch on your own?

Today, a huge number of private offices have divorced, which offer their services to create any sites. Naturally, if you are thinking how to create a profitable and highly visited website, then you cannot do without the help of professionals. But far from always such measures are justified if the main goal is to create a blog or a news portal. There are entire guides on the net that can tell you how to make a website from scratch, which will teach you not only to understand the mechanics of resource management itself, but also save a significant amount of money.

If we describe the initial steps that will help launch your own website, then we can distinguish the following algorithm:

  1. Site theme selection.
  2. Buying hosting and domain.
  3. Website engine selection.
  4. Direct installation.
  5. Promotion and promotion.

First steps to create a website

Contrary to popular belief, the first thing to do before creating your future resource is to decide on a topic. Imagine a situation when you decide to make a website for free yourself, but you still don’t know what its main theme, features and other details will be – it all looks illogical. That is why you need to start by defining the theme and future development of the website.

The next step is to register for hosting. Simply put, this is the procedure for choosing a site for hosting your site. Hosting rent can be both paid and free, because it depends on the priorities of each person. Next, register a domain – the name of the site.

At first glance, it may seem that the creation of a site begins with the choice of a site, but this is absolutely not the case. Imagine that you have not yet decided on a topic, but are already trying to give the site a name. As a result, you rent a hosting with a clearly expressed name of some kind of automotive theme, and then you decide that your resource will be dedicated to the care, maintenance and breeding of animals. Such situations are not only unacceptable, but simply will not allow your site to be promoted, which will reduce its benefit to zero.

Video on how to make a website from scratch

What kind of site to choose?

If we talk about the types of sites, then conditionally they can be divided into the following options:

  • Website business card or promotional resource.
  • Corporate website.
  • Online store.
  • Information site.

Let’s say you decide to sell something via the Internet, in which case you will need exactly the set of tools that is contained in the third option, while a regular news portal falls under the category of information sites.

Engine choice

One of the most important steps will be choosing the engine of your site. At first, it will be difficult for beginners to navigate the features of certain options, so it is best to use what is popular. Among the most popular engines are the following:

  • WordPress.
  • Joomla.
  • Drupal.
  • Data Life Engine.
  • Open Cart.
  • Ucoz.

Some of them are free, so they are more popular. For example, if we single out the most “running" engine, then it will be WordPress, as it is suitable for any information resources, be it a blog, a news portal, or another similar form of organization. Each version of the basis of your site has its own characteristics, a set of tools, functionality, and so on, so most often its choice depends on the price and its focus. It is also worth noting some editors on the Internet that will allow you to make your site for free, but this approach will be an excellent choice for familiarization rather than for serious promotion and promotion.

How to make a website from scratch on your own?

Content uniqueness

The next step is quite simple, however, it will be the most time consuming. You need to install the engine and start filling it. At this stage, the uniqueness of the content will play a key role. If you decide to simply copy other people’s articles from other sites and put them on your own, then you can immediately abandon such an idea. The thing is that search engines will very quickly detect plagiarism and simply block the site, so only you will see the necessary information. For such purposes, it is better to trust professional copywriters who can uniqueize any content, providing your resource with the best traffic without any copyright problems.

To check the uniqueness, there are various programs that will allow you to control this process (Advego Plagiatus, eTXT Antiplagiarism, etc.). You can either edit the texts yourself, achieving the desired meaning, or contact specialists. At the same time, it should be understood that it is important to maintain the overall readability of the site, since the uniqueness indicator is a technical indicator, but it is the quality of the content that is important for users. Even having achieved 100% uniqueness of each article, this will not give you the desired result if the texts are of poor quality and simply impossible to read.

How and where to make a website online?

Today, special sites that allow you to understand the entire process of creating Internet resources from scratch are quite popular. It is also worth noting that they have a complete set of all tools and a huge number of different templates, which allows you to make a website online without any difficulties. You can take a look at the site ru.wix.com – here you can make a site online. However, you need to understand that such editors are more focused on beginners, because much attention is paid to the very presentation of information and training in general. If the process of creating a website is something new and unknown for you, instead of watching numerous video tutorials, it is better to start mastering practical skills. Moreover, this will allow you not only to master the process itself, but also to get the result in the form of your first website.

Video on how to make your own website

In addition to convenient creation and affordable training in all the subtleties, which rather turns work into an exciting process, you will also receive completely free hosting, where the site you have created will be placed. In fact, such online editors facilitate the entire creation process, from choosing a platform to directly uploading content. The only thing that will completely depend on you is the choice of the future theme of the site.

General tips for building a website from scratch

If you have not yet decided where to make a site, and what will be its main theme, then you need to understand the basic principles that will help you succeed in this business.

  • Decide on the direction of development and topics. Even the best site and toolkit will be useless without a clear direction of potential development.
  • You should not focus on the maximum "tricked out" of the site and its visual component. Overly colorful resources most often cause bewilderment and the feeling that they were created by a beginner. The design should be discreet, but as user-friendly as possible. You also need to make sure that the site works without errors, sagging and other troubles.
  • The site structure should be coherent and the same for each page. The overall impression of the resource should be the same.
  • Seriously engage in the promotion of the site. If you do not take any action in this direction, then you should not expect much benefit and performance from your site.

How to make a website from scratch on your own?

  • Be patient, because the process of website development is not a one-day lesson, therefore it will require frequent attention and work from you.

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