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How to make money from scratch. Several ways


Money is running out, there are no jobs. Familiar situation? So how do you make money fast from scratch? We answer: no way. If you think about big and fast money, then immediately they will not come to you. And if they come, then together with a police detachment.

If you don’t want to go to jail, then you can earn something, for example, as a loader (for men) or a nurse (for women). Of course, the money is small, but at least something.

If you have a good tongue, then you can go into the trade. And if you still have some capital or the opportunity to take a loan, then you have a direct road to business. True, taking into account the Russian specifics of state regulation of business, you will have to sweat a lot.

Suppose you don’t want to fight our bureaucratic system, but you have a computer connected to the Internet at hand. The network is a whole world, and there are ways to make money there. Take at least the same trade. Only here you can trade not only goods, but also capital.

We are talking about stock exchanges: we buy assets at the same price, monitor the situation on the market, seize the moment and sell at a higher price. Everything looks simple. But, unfortunately (and for some, fortunately), the market sometimes behaves like an obstinate woman. Therefore, you will have to sit at the computer all day long, catch all the rumors in the financial market and understand countless stock strategies. If you are patient and love capricious women, then this job is for you.

If you do not have such qualities, but you know the language (English, French, PHP, Java …), or you just have a wild imagination, then you can register on any freelance exchange and start looking for suitable customers. There are a lot of areas of work on such exchanges.

This process is similar to fishing. At first, most likely, you will come across unscrupulous customers who, with a calm look, will eat your bait and swim away. Do not despair! Over time, you will learn to find hot spots and cut in time. Be polite with the customer, do the work efficiently and on time, and most importantly – use your powers of observation and intuition. If the task is written incompletely and inaccurately, an excessively high price is offered, or the customer behaves like a fish spawning, then, most likely, it is better not to take on such an order. Remember, the customer also claims to be a fisherman!

So, we have considered a small part of the ways to make money from scratch. Good luck and be patient!

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