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How to make your photos professional?


As you know, there is no limit to perfection, and therefore every photographer who calls himself a professional strives for this high, but unattainable goal, mastering all possible ways of processing digital photography along the way.

One of the most popular and advanced image processing programs is Lightroom. Those who work mainly with the RAW format can buy Lightroom not only for correcting and processing images, but also for packing large archives into a catalog. Experts call the processing of photos in Lightroom non-destructive, preserving the naturalness of color reproduction and brightness, capable of conveying the correct color and contrast, making the horizon line perfect, cropping the image to the desired format, and making the necessary preparation for printing. For all of the above manipulations in Lightroom, there is a set of necessary tools and applications. In addition, the Lightroom program has a very attractive interface, convenient location of control panels and buttons.

Professional photographers sometimes use Photoshop and Lightroom together in their work. The first is for retouching and editing, and the second is for organizing, selecting and basic color correction.

With the help of Lightroom you can add vignetting, lighten or darken the edges, tint the image, glue panoramic shots, change colors, add filters and gradients on photo elements (on water, sky, steppe, etc.), selectively increase brightness and sharpness on separate parts of the picture, make a collage. Connoisseurs praise one of the most interesting and convenient Lightroom tools – processing presets that allow you to save settings and use them in future work.

Working with programs for processing digital photographs requires a minimum of knowledge, but on the Internet you can find many training videos or self-study programs that describe Lightroom’s capabilities step by step. Having mastered the basic skills of working in Photoshop and Lightroom, you can achieve a significantly higher quality of photo processing, while getting the opportunity to create a small masterpiece from the most ordinary and unpresentable picture.

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