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How to open CDW file if required


The fastest and easiest way to open a CDW file is to double click on it. This allows Windows to select the correct software to open the CDW file. If your CDW files cannot be opened in this manner, then it is very likely that you do not have the correct software to view or edit CDW file extensions.

If your computer opens a CDW file but reports an error or incorrect application, you need to change the association settings in the registry for this file. So, how to open cdw file?

There are a number of special programs for this. What program to open cdw file? There are two such programs. Programs needed to open a file with CDW extension:

  • FileViewPro (free trial);
  • ASCON KOMPAS-3D Viewer.

What is cdw extension? File type specification: 3D graphics, file type CAD-CAM-CAE. The cdw file extension uses KOMPAS, a 3D modeling and mechanical CAD tool developed by ASCON. The CDW file contains a CAD drawing created by the program.

This is the standard CAD KOMPAS format. CAD document created by KOMPAS-3D, a program used for modeling parts and finished structures. This document can be used to create design documentation, technical illustrations, and to export geometric models for manufacturing purposes.

The specialized cdw file format is not used by very many programs. With it, you can save your 3D drawing from the KOMPAS-3D program for further use or demonstration.

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